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Report ljying 2014-5-29 20:18
The first was never to accept anything for true which I
did not clearly know to be such. The second, to divide
each of the difficulties under examination into as many
parts as possible, and as might be necessary for its
adequate solution. The third, to conduct my thoughts
in such order that by commencing with objects the
simplest and easiest to know, I might ascend…step
by step to the knowledge of the more complex. And
the last…to make enumerations so complete…that I
might be assured that nothing was omitted.
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-27 10:08
Hope you have seen the recent blog on the day of African Day part 1
Report ljying 2014-5-21 16:56
Gprincessdiary: just  down.
Why can't I reply to you ?
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-19 14:39
To be connected is vital as we share ideas, knowledge,cultural differences and be able to learn from each other.
My warm regards
Report ljying 2014-5-18 22:11
Gprincessdiary: just  down.
What`s wrong with you ? May I do you a favor?
Report Linstar 2014-5-18 18:57
I have a weekend
Report Linstar 2014-5-18 18:57
how can reply your message
Report Linstar 2014-5-13 09:20
Don't tell me the classmates
Report Linstar 2014-5-13 09:19
Not my friend? Who are you?
Report Linstar 2014-5-12 20:05
Report Linstar 2014-5-4 00:43
Hello. Beautiful. Girl
Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-29 21:29
Gprincessdiary: I am the same as the following girl,looking forward to your support and help.
you are welcome!
Report ljying 2014-4-27 12:22
Report ljying 2014-4-27 12:21
hello little girl
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  • my everlasting friends 2014-6-9 12:49

    ColinSpeakman: Yes, good books are great! I have quite a lot! What about the recent trend of e-books like on Kindle?
    also excellent

  • what I have learned from my years at university? 2014-6-9 12:46

    evething: Honestly,I wonder which university are you in...
    Xinyang  Normal  Univeersity,  do you  hear of it?

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