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If I am asked what hobby I have been following, I say reading books and running, and the books exerted more tremendous fascination on me. Now, because of my busy preparation for the postgraduate qualifying examination next year. I even have little time to read other books. Nevertheless ,occasionally I am still spare some time for fascinating books. Unable to spend much time on running, I have to rely on books to get some comfort.

It was not until I entered the junior school that I learned how to read classic books like A Dream of Red Mansions, Heroes of the Marshes. I remember I was confused when I did reading the classic books for the first time. It happened that I finished a dream of red mansions without an in-depth study. Consequently I couldn’t get the main point of it. I curious classmate asked me what that novel told us, I felt deeply embarrassed to speak nothing. I then realized that it was no easy thing to be an eligible reader that I had to be very careful and study on the books earnestly.

Afterwards I read A Dream of Red Mansions out of curiosity again. At that time when I was 15 year ,I felt so sad for Lindaiyu’s death in the book. Their love tradegy really struck me.

This small incident always reminds me of being careful in my life and study.

Being careful is therefore key to get the true meaning of life.

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