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what I have learned from my years at university?

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My university has exerted enormous influence in me and benefited me a lot. It is a great leader in all walks of my life, indeed, I love my university. It may not as prominent as Tsinghua University and Peking University and not as beautiful as Wuhan University and Xiamen University, either. My university, however, is the number one in my eyes. Here, let me tell you something I learned from this great university.

Firstit teaches me to be independent, seeking solace in library by myself, sitting in Wenxin pavilion to look for beauty, I gradually to realize that you must be independent in your life. Nobody will accompany you forever. Being independent is essential in your life, wherever you are, life is a journey alone, and you have to be relying in yourself. You will never abandon yourself.

Second, it bring me up, I was once a girl full of melancholy, because of family. Not until getting into university do I become extrovert in interpersonal communication. My university brings me a lot of friends, who rebuilt my confidence in life. Reading more books broadens my horizon, leading me into a wider world, and this makes me come to know various countries. Many successful leaders promote me a lot. Now, I have become an optimistic girl, full of enthusing about life.

Last, it always reminds me of that never give up the pursuit of learning. Life is limit, however, learning is endless. All of us should make it to a good habit of lifelong learning. One will be full and substantial only when you are picking up. The so-called learning is not only merely mean to study your course nut various knowledge in all aspects. There goes such a sating: it is never too old to learn. As an adult, we should shoulder our responsibilities and do our utmost to contribute to the society, but you should master the skill of learning.

I am grateful for my university educating me silently. All I have to say is ''thanks''. Sadness strikes me as soon as I think of I will depart my dear alumna next summer. All I can do is cherishing the rest days here. Owing it to ma university that independence, optimistic, lifelong learning, which are treasures in all my life. I am sure that I will achieve my dreams with the help of university. Thanks to my university, I have a good time at here, and college life is of most precious to me.  


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Reply Report Gprincessdiary 2014-6-9 12:46
evething: Honestly,I wonder which university are you in...
Xinyang  Normal  Univeersity,  do you  hear of it?

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  • what I have learned from my years at university? 2014-6-9 12:46

    evething: Honestly,I wonder which university are you in...
    Xinyang  Normal  Univeersity,  do you  hear of it?

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