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my everlasting friends

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A real friend may not accompany you forever, but a good book is always beneficial to you. Books will follow you wherever you go. Indeed, books res my everlasting friends.

When I am in a mood, I will go to library to enjoy the company of books, as soon as I see a roomful of books, books shelved in bookcases lining the four walls, books either piled up one upon another, or displayed in neat rows, or laid out in disorder like fields with crisscross footpaths or a jungle, I may exclaim with delight,’’ great, the books are beautiful’’. Books bring me into another world, making me feel everything was bright and clear and the world wide and open. Moreover, I am poor at speech and shun socializing; I like being surrounded by friend while sauntering freely in the midst of books.

Indeed, books give me the attitude of always looking on the bright side of things, which will definitely be of inestimable benefit to me in real life. It was the books which give me courage to meet with one setback after another in my life’s long journey.

So I have been longing for a study, but I have never had a study of my own- a study that is independent, intact and true to its name that is. Maybe it can be built in the future. While being confined to your study with a book in your hand, your mind will be roaming throughout the world, you will not only have a heart-to-heart talk with Confucius, but also conserve with Shakespeare, and you may meet with a galaxy of friends like Laozi, Zhuangzi, and Plato.

If you have no friends, why not seek the company of books? Books never abandon you unless you let them. If you have friends, why not seek more friends like good books?




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Reply Report Gprincessdiary 2014-6-9 12:49
ColinSpeakman: Yes, good books are great! I have quite a lot! What about the recent trend of e-books like on Kindle?
also excellent

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  • my everlasting friends 2014-6-9 12:49

    ColinSpeakman: Yes, good books are great! I have quite a lot! What about the recent trend of e-books like on Kindle?
    also excellent

  • what I have learned from my years at university? 2014-6-9 12:46

    evething: Honestly,I wonder which university are you in...
    Xinyang  Normal  Univeersity,  do you  hear of it?

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