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Share First Love
2014-7-20 20:15
First Love
First love -----Fragments from my diary June 15, 2014, 19:55 Pm My god, you are being too hard on yourself! You are suffering a self-inflicted torment! Stop it! I said to myself. It is lucky to not have lost myself! However, how come his is the only image rising in my mind? It seems that I see nothing but his smile and here nothing but his voice. I am completely preoccupied with thoughts of him. Nevertheless, the cruel reality—we had already broken up touched me to th ...
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2014-7-20 19:54
Many people are familiar with The Little Prince, a wonderful book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. So am I. Here I would like to speak my mind about this excellent book. When I was in high school, on my birthday a good friend presented me The Little Prince. However, I seldom read it at those times. Later, I finished reading it during the holiday for its beautiful cover and full contents. But I felt very sorry for the little boy, he has no friends, he loves the sunset, he always ...
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Share No Title
2014-7-12 20:39
No Title
No title If I am asked what hobby I have been following, I say reading books and running, and the books exerted more tremendous fascination on me. Now, b ecause of my busy preparation for the postgraduate qualifying examination next year. I even have little time to read other books. Nevertheless ,occasionally I am still spare some time for fascinating books. Unable to spend much time on running, I have to rely on books to get some comfort. It was not until I entered the ju ...
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Share The Rain
2014-7-12 20:08
The Rain
The rain Yesterday evening, while wandering about alone in campus, I happened to wet myself by walking in the rain. ''It is cool this summer. '' Said I . Hanging around the playground, I found serenity and tranquility and said, ''rain to hear, why thou rain sadly?'' On every lap of the ground, I left my melancholy to keep them company. This morning, recalling the rain, I went to the balcony to see it. But the rain was nowhere to be found though I w ...
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Share Great FATHER
2014-6-15 14:22
Father's Day puts me in mind of my father who is working faraway, which also touches off my hidden homesickness. This is only photo of my family, and I will not get a chance to take a second one. The man on it is my father, he looks so robust at that time, however, father becomes very thin, even a little bony, but he still wants to work to save up for my expensive tuition fee. I came from a famer’s family, from generation to generation, they tilled land to eke out a bare sub ...
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Share Ambition
2014-6-15 14:17
It is never ignorant that the view that a famous American writer holds, ''we decide what is important and what is trivial in life, and forming our destiny is what ambition is about''. As far as I am concerned, I have no choice but to agree with him, you are what you want and you are what your ambitions are, one's ambition is to a person what water is to fish. It is a compass in your life, just like a leader when you are lost. In the film of The Pursuit of Happiness, the charac ...
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Share what I have learned from my years at university?
2014-6-7 20:23
what I have learned from my years at university?
My university has exerted enormous influence in me and benefited me a lot. It is a great leader in all walks of my life, indeed, I love my university. It may not as prominent as Tsinghua University and Peking University and not as beautiful as Wuhan University and Xiamen University, either. My university, however, is the number one in my eyes. Here, let me tell you something I learned from this great university. First , it teaches me to be independent, seeking solace in library ...
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Share my everlasting friends
2014-6-7 19:50
my everlasting friends
A real friend may not accompany you forever, but a good book is always beneficial to you. Books will follow you wherever you go. Indeed, books res my everlasting friends. When I am in a mood, I will go to library to enjoy the company of books, as soon as I see a roomful of books, books shelved in bookcases lining the four walls, books either piled up one upon another, or displayed in neat rows, or laid out in disorder like fields with crisscross footpaths or a jungle, I may exclaim ...
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Share Does the financial disparity affect friendship?
2014-5-25 20:01
As the old saying goes widely, ''Birds of a feather flock together''. Maybe you hold the view that the haves and have-nots will never be friends. Even if so, the financial disparity will affect the good terms. As far as I am concerned, the pure and innocent friendshipwill never be affected by financial disparity. Real friendship between two persons originates when two have similar tastes and interests, it is sort of ''friendship for friendship’ sake'' and is relativel ...
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Share A profile of my beloved roommates
2014-5-19 13:23
A profile of my beloved roommates
I will always hold my roommates in high value. When I was an undergraduate, living with these lovely girls for 4 years was bound to happen. Counting up silently, I find that more than 900 days have already slipped away since we are under the same eave. Here, I will speak of something about all my roommates as a little token of my appreciation for all that they have done for me over these best times. Firstly, it is the prettiest and eldest one in my dorm. A good name 'Ting' be ...
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  • my everlasting friends 2014-6-9 12:49

    ColinSpeakman: Yes, good books are great! I have quite a lot! What about the recent trend of e-books like on Kindle?
    also excellent

  • what I have learned from my years at university? 2014-6-9 12:46

    evething: Honestly,I wonder which university are you in...
    Xinyang  Normal  Univeersity,  do you  hear of it?

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