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Share Paddy fields - the memory of my childhood
2014-8-4 18:41
Paddy fields - the memory of my childhood
It is summer again. It is sweltering and hot in Beijing. One cannot view green fields anymore without taking the subway or bus to the outside of the Six Ring Road or even farther. This is the metropolitan way of living, and this appears a little bit dull. Reading a piece of news about paddy fields, I feel like I have gone back to my childhood again, the sun burning and the breeze kissing my cheeks. It was neither so gorgeous as cartoon movies show, nor so ugly as th ...
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Share Siddhartha’s enlightenment
2014-7-27 02:15
Siddhartha is universally known as part of Siddhartha Gautama - the name of the Lord Buddha. Hundreds of millions of people from around the world worship him, and one writer named Hermann Hesse from Germany wrote a novel named Siddhartha in 1922 to demonstrate the spiritual journey of one man named Siddhartha in the Buddhist way of thinking. Siddhartha is brought up in a Brahman family, loved by his parents, his friend and those who appreciate his knowledge and wisdom. However, he ...
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Share Being rational toward Gaokao
2014-7-24 20:08
Gaokao or College Entrance Examination is the only tunnel leading to university life in China. So it holds a key role in nearly every high school graduate’s mind, for if you failed, you would have no access to university study which is thought to be the key step to a successful career in the future. Therefore, a few although not many examinees chose to end their lives after this exam because of their terrible or unqualified results. However, is it really worth your life sacrifice? No doubt, it ...
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Share Pictures Speak
2014-6-6 21:28
Pictures Speak
Today’s world has been completely connected and mythologized by the internet. As mobile phone internet access becomes so convenient that you don’t have to open your computer to get online, information begins exploding and our world transforms like never before. People prefer to browse everything online in a quick speed for a sudden shock, and don’t have time to stay long to read long articles or even short ones. This time, pictures surface and serve as king for this go-go way of browsing and ...
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  • The distance between today and yesterday 2018-2-14 22:27

    I was in Zhejiang when I saw a street opera like this. It was very interesting to see a Chinese opera on the street for free. There was a pretty big crowd there, but I could still see the play. It was days like this that made the Chinese culture so interesting to me. Unfortunately I didn't get to share it with anyone, this was before I used Wechat. I liked how you could enjoy special treats for only 1 or 2 yuan, and even gamble a little bit.

  • The distance between today and yesterday 2017-11-20 12:52

    Inevitable loss of economic development

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