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It snows in Beijing

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This picture was shot by me in Chaoyang District, Beijing on November 21 morning. 

We have been waiting for you---snow, and now you finally fall upon the land of Beijing. 

It looked horrible and rained a bit yesterday in Beijing. When everyone went indoors after the dark half because of the cold weather, snow had silently arrived here. Nearly each year I see snow in Beijing, but I never think I will be fed up with it someday even in the future. Its pure whiteness just brings back my withered memories and the beauty that appears as snow falls is stunning.

Arising in the morning, I suddenly realized my bedroom seemed to be lightened. The weather forecast said it would snow last night, but I never expected it would snow heavily. Opening the window, I saw the snow cover the roof of the house beside the building where I am lodging now. Nothing but whiteness impressed my heart and soul.

However, it is not good for the transportation. The road has become frozen and slippery and the sludge the snow brings is indeed nasty and annoying. I abandoned my bike this morning and walked out of the apartment to feel the power of the snow. 

Walking along the road, I had only one idea in my mind: “Probably I could visit the Great Wall at Badaling this weekend to witness the ice and snow world once again.” In November 2015, I visited this section of the Great Wall and experienced the magic power of snow. The whole world was white and everything looked quite fresh and pure. The dirty and ugly disappeared, and what was left for us travelers was a mountain of snowy views. Although the path on the Great Wall turned extremely slippery, each of the visitors had a passionate heart, with joyful, laughing and even screaming sounds being heard here and there.

Now snow has come here again, and what am I waiting for? Yes, take a walk into the snow! 

On the streets, the bridges, the high ways and the rails, you can see the trace of snow. No smog can now be found, and what you see now is freshness. Due to the snowfall, trees on the streets turn new and are like being washed. As tiny fluffy snowballs fall, you can clearly feel the pulse of life. Maybe each one snowball is now smiling to you, as long as you pay attention to them. 

Suddenly my mind goes back to the past memories. During the class breaks in high school, my classmates and I walked down the stairs to the large playground, where snow had whitened the entire area. We bowed our backs picking up some snow and rolling it into a ball, and then threw it at one another in delightful fight. Cold was the feeling of the hands, but the heart beat vibrantly every minute. 

Now it snows again, can you still remember the stories that have run into the course of history?

Source: Beijing Tourism: It Snows in Beijing

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Reply Report Kevinfly 2016-11-22 09:30
It is snowing in Xi'an too.
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-11-22 10:26
thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report Breezer-1 2016-11-22 22:13
Snowing outside
Reply Report Breezer-1 2016-11-22 22:17
Cold weather. Better stay at home
Reply Report Chengking 2016-11-23 16:07
If you like the snow at Badaling you should come visit Yanqing after a snow fall. The snow is almost as clean and it is much less windy.
Reply Report ampraxu123 2016-11-23 22:26
Breezer-1: Cold weather. Better stay at home
Yeah, you might be right. But if it is sunny outside, I prefer to take a walk outside my home although it is numbing cold.
Reply Report ampraxu123 2016-11-23 22:27
Chengking: If you like the snow at Badaling you should come visit Yanqing after a snow fall. The snow is almost as clean and it is much less windy.
I wish I could. But now I have changed my mind a bit, for I have been there at least twice, and this time I want to try Juyongguan Pass.

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