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Can Leonardo’s millions of donation save the planet?

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Question: If you had millions of dollars, what would you do with them? 

Answer from actor Leonardo DiCaprio: Hi, there, I would be willing to donate them to environmental organizations which help save the planet! 

The news came to me first from an app installed in my mobile, and I was so shocked by it. I have learned that celebrities abuse drugs, squander money like water, buy lavish houses, gamble, and donate large sums of money to many associations and groups to save human lives, but never had I heard any celebrity donate so much money to such organizations. Why is he doing so?

The actor said: “The destruction of our planet continues at a pace we can no longer afford to ignore.” 

What he refers to are probably deforestation, wildlife slaughter and poaching, over fishing, air and water pollution, biodiversity degeneration and so on. And sadly many people living on this planet even have never thought about it apart from their own personal business of each day. This man is rich and has free time to think about this, and so he has determined to donate so much money to save the planet. In my humble view, he is a man worth our respect and we can follow him to do the same or similar.

According to the BBC report, he is giving away £9.5 million to the three organizations. For an ordinary family, this is for more than living, but for luxurious ways of living. However, when this amount drops into the drought lank which desperately needs water, it can be nothing or just something. From my point of view, this amount will never root out the issue of saving the planet. It is just a drop of water dipping into the bucket.

However, he’s move is more than his money donation. It is a sign that he cares about the planet and is hoping to do something for it. For him, millions of dollars are probably not that much; while his action means we need to work together to save the planet which has suffered too much. He is not the first one donating to these organizations and will never be the last for sure.

The point is that not enough people have realized this problem or have done anything helpful for it. Money donation can be one way for help, and there are still many other methods out there we all can do, such as wasting no things made of wood, dumping no waste into rivers and seas, trying to fight against poachers haunting around the world, telling your family and friends to save energy and so on. And so, our planet can become more livable, and our descendants will have something to live with and will never live dry life or face resource exhaustion.

We all know Leonardo is a world famous actor, and he sets a good example for us (or some picky guys may think he does these things because he is super rich and wants to get a good name by donating), and many actors who are even richer than him have never done so yet. I know many rich people have “shown” themselves in various occasions, and I only love his way of donating. The most important reason is I love wildlife, and seeing wildlife disappear, I feel grievous. 

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