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Can search engines become fair and just?

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Being fair and just is one of the main functions of the law. Now as search engines have become part of our life and influences our living condition more and more profoundly, the topic about their fair and just behaviors is gradually being addressed and discussed. Can they become fair and just?

Searching Google or Baidu by entering a certain world, you will be offered dozens of pages as your search results. Search engines always say: “I will display the most relevant answers to each user.”They call this user experience.However, when they do this. Something will change.

If you search Google with the term “blog”, you will be offered dozens of pages of results. That’s correct, and most of them are relevant. The problem is Google shows its own blog Blogger on the topmost position of the first page after ads. Wordpress and other blogs are below it. I know Blogger is excellent, but this doesn’t mean it is better than Wordpress or other blogs. Ranking on top is not fair.

If you search Google with the term “Chinese solar inverter”, Google will also show you dozens of pages and a few ads. The problem is it shows you a few companies on top of its pages and these companies pay it for advertising. This means if you pay Google for advertising, it will give you better organic results. Sadly the companies which have paid Google are not even among the best solar inverter manufacturers in China. And not sure whether the shown certain products deserve to be ranked so high. If I were a defender for Google, I would say: “Search engines are machines, not so smart as humans.”

Not sure whether people around me know these examples or not, they always speak highly of Google and even brag about it. I also appreciate Google, but I think it is not as fair and just as I think it is. I guess it does this because it wants to show us its products are the best and this good impression is very important. It is money! I acknowledge its products are excellent but are not necessarily the best ones. But anyway it is the best search engine in the world.  

Apart from Google, there are also numerous big and small search engines in the world. Among them is Baidu, which is considered the second biggest search engine of our world. In comparison with Google, Baidu is different. Dozens of languages are available in Google, while Baidu only focuses on Chinese and some English. In China, it is king, who is not fair either.

Baidu is now not only a search engine anymore but a company with numerous kinds of business, and the famous ones among them are Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Tieba (like and and Baidu Wenku (like Google Scholar). If you want to search some terms, new things or any other thing in Chinese, you may probably be offered encyclopedias. No doubt, Baidu’s product Baidu Encyclopedia will be always ranked on top of other results even though others are more excellent than its own. We all know Wikipedia, which is considered the best online encyclopedia in the world although not every one page of it is the best. However, it is always below Baidu Encyclopedia, because Baidu intends to show us its product is the best although it is not. People who search answers and documents will often meet Baidu Tiebai and Baidu Wenku, which are not necessarily the best but are always ranked very high compared with other answers and documents. I know many users complain about Baidu, but they still use it.

Indeed Google and Baidu are not the only search engines of the world, but they are two biggest. Other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, 360 and so on also influence our online search, but their total influence cannot compare with that of the two giants. If the two giants are not fair, can you persuade yourself others are fair? I have heard rumors that some customers pay search engines to influence organic search results. This is something unbelievable. Besides, no matter how excellent each search engine is, they put their profit top priority not yours. Search engines always shout their better user experience, but they rank their products higher. That’s worth a discussion. It seems being fair and just is a dream.

But some people may think like this: if you were one of them, what would you do? I cannot answer this question because it is too difficult. My point is they are not fair or just. The good news is they are improving day by day. Being absolutely fair and just is indeed a dream, while being relatively fair is possible. Search engines cannot be the best, but being better is possible. So, further improvements are still needed. 

If you have different ideas, feel free to write them down. 

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