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Share When you have no wife to live with
2017-2-14 00:36
Just now reading a piece of news entitled “30 million Chinese men to be wifeless over the next 30 years” released by China Daily, I became a little shocked, since it will even be more difficult to find someone to live with you and have a family under such an awkward condition. Alas, I am still single, and the opportunity seems slim. Yeah, I am afraid (joking). Now friends of mine who haven’t got married are being bombarded by the caring words and pursuasions of their parents (especially ...
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Share Why did you choose to leave the world?
2016-6-16 00:32
Why did you choose to leave the world?
Is this a beautiful world for all of us to live in? Is leaving the world the strong will of someone who has lost hope? Have you already been tortured so much by some who gave you life? Or is the current education something you cannot tolerate? Although sometimes we may complain about the cruelty of survival and living, most of us can also feel the beauty, love, warmth and care of the world and then return to the path that leads to the future which only belongs to each one of us. And w ...
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Share Nature’s punishment is deadly
2015-12-21 23:29
Nature’s punishment is deadly
Maybe you don’t believe gods exist in this world, but you must accept one fact: good deeds can benefit you and bad deeds will lead you to your downfall. It is the cause-and-effect theory of Buddhism. I believe it. And I know this is the rule of mother nature. If we act nicely, it will reward us; and if we act terribly, it will punish us. I firmly believe that many people believe in this theory like me, but in fact when facing profits, they will totally forget it or just never regard ...
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Share What measures can we take to save our air?
2015-12-3 00:22
What measures can we take to save our air?
Yesterday morning (Dec. 1), one of my WeChat friends (we met each other at Renmin University’s English corner months ago) sent me a message: “Today, we are facing the worst air so far this year. We have to think how to face it. We shouldn’t cheat ourselves anymore.” Then, we chatted on WeChat for a few minutes over this issue. I said I was angry about the current condition because it was said many measures had been taken but the situation was still horrible. I asked him about how ...
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Share China’s Educational System Should Change
2015-11-16 23:10
China’s Educational System Should Change
Before starting today’s topic, I cannot control myself telling all my friends one piece of sad news just happened a few hours ago in China’s Henan province: A 13-year-old girl was beaten to death by her biological mother probably because she was not good at school learning. The doctors and nurses tried their best to save the child but they finally failed, and the poor child left the world at 13. The first moment I read this news, I was shocked and was at the verge ...
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Share Kentucky gay marriage hurdle - religion?
2015-9-4 13:14
Kentucky gay marriage hurdle - religion?
Gay marriage has been gradually accepted by our world, while in the Kentucky, U.S. something seems to have gone beyond our wild imagination. According to the reports of Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal , a Kentucky clerk has been ordered to jail because she refused to issue a gay marriage license. Her defense is issuing the license is against her Christian faith. From The Washington Post The first moment I read the news, I felt it was something like a joke ...
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Share Mourn for the dead in Tianjin Port blasts
2015-8-13 19:59
About 11:20 on the night of August 12, the warehouse owned by Ruihai Company (瑞海公司) located in the central area of Tianjin International Logistics Center exploded, and the articles that exploded were flammable and combustible items stored in the containers. Fire dragons and heavy smokes roared to the sky, and residents living nearby heard the huge blasts and felt earthquake-like shocks. It is estimated the blasts were like the explosive effects of 21 tons of TNT. By the evening of Augus ...
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Share Is It Important to Protect Wildlife?
2015-6-24 14:34
Is It Important to Protect Wildlife?
Before we discuss this issue, let’s look at a bloody truth being done by some people in Hainan province: Businessmen in Tanmen Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province (海南省琼海市潭门镇) are burning wild tortoises to death by pouring boiling water for money. The only aim of doing so is to make the shell of each tortoise shining so as to attract generous buyers. According to CCTV 13’s report, a big enough tortoise can be sold as high as 19,500 RMB. What a bloody business! It is rep ...
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Share Chocolates may be good for the heart, but be careful
2015-6-20 11:20
Chocolates may be good for the heart, but be careful
Wiki image Do you love eating chocolates? The sweet, a bit burned, milky and nutty flavor is indeed attractive to many sweet food lovers. And indeed there are various brands of chocolates out there are waiting for you to have a taste. Sounds good, right? A better n ...
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Share Paddy Field Stewardesses Surprise Me
2015-5-23 21:22
Paddy Field Stewardesses Surprise Me
“You never know until you try.” is a simple English poem I learned in middle school, and it teaches me to do the down-to-earth job for a thing you must do. Probably some amazing people who might not have learned this poem seem to have got this amazing idea. Glistening stewardesses have begun transplanting rice seedlings in paddy fields, an “event” that really surprises me. In fact, these stewardesses are not real servants on the plane but female plane servants-to-be from a ...
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  • The distance between today and yesterday 2018-2-14 22:27

    I was in Zhejiang when I saw a street opera like this. It was very interesting to see a Chinese opera on the street for free. There was a pretty big crowd there, but I could still see the play. It was days like this that made the Chinese culture so interesting to me. Unfortunately I didn't get to share it with anyone, this was before I used Wechat. I liked how you could enjoy special treats for only 1 or 2 yuan, and even gamble a little bit.

  • The distance between today and yesterday 2017-11-20 12:52

    Inevitable loss of economic development

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