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Share Who is responsible for the stray dog’s poor fate?
2016-5-19 22:52
Who is responsible for the stray dog’s poor fate?
Dogs are our friends, and we love them and protect them. But what about the stray dogs on the streets? Should they be loved and cared like those in our homes? A piece of news reporting a black stray dog with a arrow going through its head was found wandering near Jiuxianqiao, Chaoyang District (朝阳区酒仙桥) has gone viral on the Chinese internet since May 18 the news was released. First, dog lovers, animal protectors or those who have just seen the poor creature showe ...
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Share Instagram purge: stupid action or wise move?
2014-12-19 22:07
Instagram is a photo sharing social media like Flickr and has been loved by millions upon millions of users and followers online. However, the BBC reports that this giant’s app has deleted millions of accounts of its users for spam purge. The company thinks this is a wise move, while it has raised up waves upon waves of criticism from its users, especially those whose accounts have been deleted. Now people call it “Instagram Rapture”. Is this a wise move or a stupid action? For most Chin ...
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Share Dagaoxuan Palace’s gate opens agin after having been sealed up for 60 years
2014-8-16 22:58
Dagaoxuan Palace’s gate opens agin after having been sealed up for 60 years
Located north of Shenwu Gate of the Palace Museum on the Jingshan Front Street, an ancient royal building attracts passers-by every minute when they walk pass by it. This is the renowned Dagaoxuan Palace. On August 13, 2014, the ancient royal palace having been sealed up for over 60 years slowly opened its arms to welcome outsiders. Dagaoxuan Palace, covering an area of about 130,000 square meters and built in 1524, was the only royal Taoist temple during the Ming a ...
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Share Naked outdoor swimming pool
2014-8-12 15:23
Naked outdoor swimming pool
Summer swimming is an interesting way to play, and can also make you feel cool and relaxed in hot weather. Those who reside in cities can visit indoor or outdoor swimming pools that are located at different corners of cities, but where should those who reside in suburban areas go during this hot season? It was reported by (or Phoenix News) that one unknown swimming pool located on the Sixth Ring Road of Beijing in Fangshan District has attracted a few naked swimmers recen ...
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Share Proposing to your teacher, can you do it?
2014-6-9 11:03
Proposing to your teacher, can you do it?
Today’s Chinese people enjoy much more freedom than those living in ancient China. One of the free rights today’s Chinese citizens have is marriage. In ancient China children’s marriage was decided by their parents, while today it is in their own hands. Never before in ancient China should a male student propose to a female teacher, for there were no female teachers that time. But even though there had been, students would have been forbidden to do so. But today this student-teacher love occ ...
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Share Left-behind children quit school for net bars
2014-6-3 16:49
In today’s China, many children, especially those who live in the countryside have been left behind by their beloved parents, who wish to earn enough money for their family and children. Many of these children have derailed the correct track that normal children have. Children lodging in Naixi Village, Cuigezhuang Township, Chaoyang District have been reported to have been addicted to net bars here, by Beijing Youth Daily. According to the report, like many other villages around Beij ...
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  • The distance between today and yesterday 2018-2-14 22:27

    I was in Zhejiang when I saw a street opera like this. It was very interesting to see a Chinese opera on the street for free. There was a pretty big crowd there, but I could still see the play. It was days like this that made the Chinese culture so interesting to me. Unfortunately I didn't get to share it with anyone, this was before I used Wechat. I liked how you could enjoy special treats for only 1 or 2 yuan, and even gamble a little bit.

  • The distance between today and yesterday 2017-11-20 12:52

    Inevitable loss of economic development

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