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Share It snows in Beijing
2016-11-21 13:18
It snows in Beijing
This picture was shot by me in Chaoyang District, Beijing on November 21 morning. We have been waiting for you---snow, and now you finally fall upon the land of Beijing. It looked horrible and rained a bit yesterday in Beijing. When everyone went indoors after the dark half because of the cold weather, snow had silently arrived here. Nearly each year I see snow in Beijing, but I never think I will be fed up with it someday even in the future. Its pure whiteness just bring ...
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Share Live or die, your choice
2015-12-13 14:33
We always complain that life is hard, but when we look into the life of animals living in the wild, we will never think human life is something hard, for animal life is even much harder that you have never thought of. This is a story between life and death, even at the beginning of their lives. The BBC documentary Life Story episode one has revealed this horrible fact to us. This is the video about these barnacle geese: please click here . The second short story of the first ep ...
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Share Have a date with nature
2015-7-26 00:43
Have a date with nature
Have you ever experienced such an awkward condition: you have long been pursuing your Mrs. Right or Mr. Right but end up with another righter partner? This sounds not good to hear but it is a truth many sincere boys and girls could have experienced, and they sighed but smiled in the end. What a happy reunion! The same I have long lost the thread of hope of having a date with nature like many of you because of loads of matters, issues, events, business affairs and excuses. I ...
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Share Clean Your Room, Take Away Your Rubbish
2015-4-17 23:21
I still remember when I was in high school living with my best friend in a few strangers’ rooms, my friend always worked as the dustman of our shared room. He is a good-natured man but couldn’t help complaining I was as lazy as a pig (Chinese people think pigs are very lazy), and I just smiled away what he complained. He continued cleaning and our shared rooms were always clean and tidy. After graduation from college working in Xi’an, I rented a small room in a small village inside the c ...
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Share Love of Snow
2014-12-7 23:00
Love of Snow
Just now when I opened China Daily’s homepage, I was impressed by one of the highlighted photos captioned “Heaven Snow Engulfs North China”. The picture shows a few cars and people are in the heavy snow on a city street. But why was it impressive to me? No doubt, I love snow, especially heaven ones, for it is pure and transparent, and can leave me an impression that a fairy tale like world has been sculptured by nature. When I clicked into the photo page and browsed th ...
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Share Feeding on “you”
2014-5-27 00:24
To survive or to die, this is the question. It is universally acknowledged that the BBC documentaries are one of the most stunning documentaries ever produced across the world. I am profoundly attached to it, especially those that repetitively tell the stories, wonders and facts (good and evil) of nature. In these documentaries, fish, seals, whales, snakes, crocodiles and large predators like lions, tigers and leopards are my favorites. Surely, sometimes I like birds t ...
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  • The distance between today and yesterday 2018-2-14 22:27

    I was in Zhejiang when I saw a street opera like this. It was very interesting to see a Chinese opera on the street for free. There was a pretty big crowd there, but I could still see the play. It was days like this that made the Chinese culture so interesting to me. Unfortunately I didn't get to share it with anyone, this was before I used Wechat. I liked how you could enjoy special treats for only 1 or 2 yuan, and even gamble a little bit.

  • The distance between today and yesterday 2017-11-20 12:52

    Inevitable loss of economic development

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