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Report Baron_xie 2016-3-9 10:36
nice to meet u ,I am working in  guangzhou
Report ColinSpeakman 2014-5-18 15:07
L-Juliet: hello,MR.ColinSpeakman, i am a college student in guangzhou. i want to inquire you some questions-- i guess you are a great educator. Recently, our sc ...
Good UK we usually have plenty of students wanting to join in inter-school and inter-university challenges. Plenty of enthusiasm. One reason is we know that success in these can really look good on a cv. That is a point I have made in blog posts. Add t your cvs where you can. I may be a good example. In my High School, we had a challenge against 270 other schools in the Annual Business Game for schools. I was elected chairman of my team and won won through to the final three, held in a London. We finished runners-up. Looks good on a cv. I love these competitions! I hope more Chinese will too!
Report other_roads 2014-5-18 01:15
   ...I 'm older than you and I can't even remember when I was born...probably when dinosaurs roamed China...It can be silly but I came to this forum because I just need to learn Mandarin Chinese...By the way, do you have 微信 ? Send a private message...
Report other_roads 2014-5-15 03:25
I 'm just dropping by to say 'hello'...and then to take a look at your home page...    
Report tanxihua 2014-5-5 21:29
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  • To be a college student 2016-1-5 14:13

    The most important thing you should prepare is getting ready to deal with lots of problems in your school work and life.

  • Please help me. 2014-5-30 23:32

    +1. In my class, I'm a quiet person. I usually go to school by myself when others with their roommates. Maybe others will think I'm strange and lonely,EVEN eccentric. But when I come across my classmates, I will say hello and chat with them(Those who I'm familiar with). Those ignore me, of course, I ignore them also.   To some extent, I love my senior school friends more.

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