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Share To be a college student
L-Juliet 2014-5-29 22:54
To be a college student
In order to cope with some problems some undergraduates face to, our school held an ExchangeConference inviting several excellent graduates several weeks ago, which benefited me a lot. After finishing the College Entrance Examination, a majority of students think they have accomplished their tasks, including me. However, when entrancing the college, they gradually become confused, and few of them know how to arrange their college life. Some students begin ...
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Share Please help me.
L-Juliet 2014-5-16 22:51
Please help me.
After joining in some activities of our class, I gradually realize that I have no sense of existence in this group. I communicate with them, they ignore me. I give them some my suggestions, which I never expect them to accept these, but they still neglect me. I am active to hand up, they extinguish my enthusiasm with their cold water… I don’t know why? Even though I am not a class leader, I still keep a warm heart to help my dear classmates and be optimistic to participate in cla ...
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Share A job with 135+hours a week, no payment, do you want to apply for?
L-Juliet 2014-5-12 22:59
A job with 135+hours a week, no payment, do you want to apply for?
Want ad: Must be able to work 135+ hours a week Ability to work overnight, associate needs pending Willingness to give up any breaks Work mostly standing up and/or bending down …… …… The above want ad is from a true interview through video. It is amazing, right? After seeing the video, I burst into tears, because there is truly a group, who would like to employ this position, and even willing to con ...
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Share How do you think of those lovelorn people for the first love?
L-Juliet 2014-5-4 23:34
How do you think of those lovelorn people for the first love?
Have you ever metandcommunicate d withlovelornpeople? D oyou know whattheyareeagertoembodymost? I ftheyfindyoutopourout,whatshouldyoudo? R ecently,Idon ’ t know whymyrelativesandfriendslosingtheirlovers gradually , ...
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