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To be a college student

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In order to cope with some problems some undergraduates face to, our school held an Exchange Conference inviting several excellent graduates several weeks ago, which benefited me a lot.

After finishing the College Entrance Examination, a majority of students think they have accomplished their tasks, including me. However, when entrancing the college, they gradually become confused, and few of them know how to arrange their college life. Some students begin to take part-time jobs, some are addicted to playing computer games and watching TV programs, some join in many activities without any purposes, and even some decide to give up having classes. It is obvious that they are wasting their adolescences. So, what should we college student do now?

Ok! Before answering this question, there are some questions you have to answer first!

1.    Confronted with something around you, do you have a profound thought?

2.    Can you well communicate with others when facing them?

3.    Are you confident?

4.    Besides your professional skills, can you do well on other skills?

5.    Do you have a persistent heart?

The above questions all are asked by graduates.

My answer is as followed

1X  2X 3X 4X 5

Mentioning here, maybe some readers will know how to do in the following days.

If your answers are similar to me, please continue to read it, or you should have a silent thought and take action immediately. Because in my opinion, only thinking by yourselves can you indeed obtain more and never forget forever.

For the first question, how do we understand the expression of “a profound thought”. In fact, the biggest difference between high school students and college is the “profound thought”. When making a select, the former maybe hesitate more, while the latter one mostly select quickly and accurately. So it is required us to read more books and establish your “thought” building.

Do you feel that you can well chat on QQ, Wechat, MNS, Weibo, blog, but become a dumb person when facing others? With the advanced Internet technology, even if these communication tools are convenient and closer our exchange distance, they actually decline our spoken skills, and the heart-distance with others. Do you think so?

The third question is hardest for me. From senior high school to now, I don’t know why I feel myself inferior, and even some my teachers are easy to be aware of? Hence I can’t give you a satisfy answer. As we all know, when interviewed by employer, in order to persuade them, this element is the most critical part of the job search process.

We often can hear that what is your core competence--the ability you have but the others aren’t able to replace you! Do you have now? Meanwhile, comprehensive quality is significant for us as well, including writing skill, history, science, math, medicine, economy, presentation skill, literature, and so on. Reading here, are you still confused? If you say “YES”, I guess you may not pay action at once after reading it. (haha!)

For the last question, I just one sentence—don’t “work by fits and starts”, and frequent job-hopping is an unwise deed.

Besides, one of the present teachers put forward a famous saying by Confucius—“不患无位,患所以立”——its profound meaning is one shouldn’t be worried about no positions, but care about his qualification. What’s more, when it comes to certification, most of graduates claimed that it is just a piece of paper before getting experiences. Our college students are so restless that they have no time to calm down to cogitate which career is the best one for them, and what basic skills should they have now.

Ok! Please allow me (an Insurance student) to share my some activities after hearing this lecture.

1、 Take part in China Daily Blogger Contest!(you can make more friends from all over the world.)

2、 Join in “challenging Cup”(it can exercise you more, including cooperation with other, innovation, broadening your horizon.challenging cup!

3、 Take photos every day to record my life!(haha
my roommates

the last activity in this semester

her long hair have been cut!

my beautiful roommate playing iphone!

4、 Reading more books—novels, such as The Kite Runner, economy, drama, computer books…

5、Participate in Mathematical modeling. (I am crazy about math!)

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report samlam 2016-1-5 14:13
The most important thing you should prepare is getting ready to deal with lots of problems in your school work and life.

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  • To be a college student 2016-1-5 14:13

    The most important thing you should prepare is getting ready to deal with lots of problems in your school work and life.

  • Please help me. 2014-5-30 23:32

    +1. In my class, I'm a quiet person. I usually go to school by myself when others with their roommates. Maybe others will think I'm strange and lonely,EVEN eccentric. But when I come across my classmates, I will say hello and chat with them(Those who I'm familiar with). Those ignore me, of course, I ignore them also.   To some extent, I love my senior school friends more.

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