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Share We Really Need to Reflect on Our Behavior on Holiday
2014-5-2 11:01
During the holiday, as a loser, or Diaosi (buzzword) in Cinese, I’d rather stay at home, torturing my couch and watching TV all day long. I think that’s a good way to relax. Fortunately, thanks for the economic growth of China, most of Chinese become richer and richer, they have many options to enjoy their life, outbound travel is a good choice. Increasing Chinese go to Japan, Korean, Southeast countries, Europe and America. Here, I must appreciate western coun ...
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Share Holiday Exhausts Chinese People
2014-5-2 10:24
Holiday , what an amazing word! After a long time of hard work, our industrious Chinese people finally have a break to enjoy their life, relieve themselves from too many trivialities and boring routine. Before the holiday, I think most of us begin to imaging the scenic spots they want to visit, the delicious food they desire all the time and the happy time they may have with their families. But, you for ...
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Share To be honest
2014-4-28 23:27
Yesterday, I watched a Harvard commencement speech adressed by Oprah Winfrey in 2013. It is really inspiring. I am impressed bya saying: "money is very nice, I like money. it's good for buying things." You may ask me why.Because I like thoes people who frankly talk about their like or dislike. To be honest, be true to yourself is very important for living a happy life. It means you don't have to pretent yourself before your parents, friends and other people. It is just like a ...
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Share I am a new here
2014-4-25 19:41
Today is my first time to enter the Chinadaily From, and first time to write ablog herein English. I have learned English for many years, but you see, it is always hard to step into a newlevel.We always say you needto practice, practice, practice and blablabla....However, only those really, truly, passionatelyemerge themselves in the process of learning a foreign language can achieve success. But I don't envy them. I want to learn from them and be one o ...
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