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Share Emigre in one’ own hometown
2016-1-19 19:47
If I have to choose the “best film I saw in 2015”, “Mountains May Depart” would be hard to beat. And if you, as a foreigner, want to know more about the vicissitude of Chinese rural life in last decades, it is the film that you don’t want to miss. “Mountains” unfolds in the director, Jia Zhangke’s own hometown of Fenyang (in China’s northern Shanxi province), beginning in 1999, continuing in 2014, and ending in 2025. It starts by describing a love ...
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Share You need to have a dream. What if it does come true?
2014-11-21 11:52
You need to have a dream. What if it does come true?
You know recently, Chinese and many foreign internet giants and leads gathered in Wuzhen, Chinesesouthern city,attending the World Internet Conference (WIC). Those guys are in charge of the fate of the future of the Internet. It is so exiciting. You may confuse, why would I feel so exicited? It has nothing to do with me.No, internet has to do with everyone. You can't image it. Only a few years, we have entered a golden age of the internet. People talking, s ...
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Share You can never find what you want at the scenic spot
2014-11-13 16:51
You can never find what you want at the scenic spot
I went to Fragrant Hill in Beijinglast week or earlier,I can't remember it clearly. The little hill (less than 2,000 meters height) is known for its red leaves. It is said that visitors can enjoy red leaves scenery across the mountain. Actually it really disappointed me 'cause I only saw scattered trees with red leaves on the hill.So it's understandable that people rush to those had red leaves to take a shot. Then they post these photoson their socialmedia circle ...
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Share Ordinary things occupy large part of your life
2014-10-17 19:43
Hey, guys! Wish you have a happy day even you have spent most of them and already know you are happy or not. Whatever forget those frustrated moments, heavy traffic, stupid screaming children in public, boring and repeated work... I had a meal just now and a thought crossed through my mind. So I want to share with you. Istared the rice in my bowl, hearing the murmuring of people around me. You know what ? Oh~ I thought that is life, that is what life looks ...
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Share What do you feel when meeting someone better than you?
2014-10-16 18:00
Hey, after looking at this topic, you may say what did I mean by "better". How do I define "better". Er...Let me see..I really meet somequestions hunting myself. I know I shouldn't bother myself withsuch meaningless questions. Yes, as we always know,there is no need to compare yourself with others. However, I can't do that...can't help is the problem. You know if you are a female, you meet a male who is wiser and has higher salary. And if you are happen to a single ...
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Share It is hard to tell who is hypocrite
2014-6-30 23:00
I think you have all heard that Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao handed out 100 dollar to homeless people with people refusing his donation in New York. The next day, in Manhattan, he held a donation ceremony at the upscale Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, where he promised to hand out 300 USD in cash to each person. But failing to get the money caused dissatisfaction and anger of most poor. Some people criticize he is stupid to donate money to Am ...
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Share Life is the most arduous mountain to climb
2014-6-30 22:03
Two weeks ago, I run out all the money in my pocket. It really made me sad. To be honest, I can tell my parents to send me some money to go through the difficulty. But I don’t want to do this, especially I am already a grown up and can feed myself independently. Since that day I know about what is hungry. It’s more about your sprit rather than belly. You desire a meal to acquire energy and inner content. So life force you to work for you living and force you to ...
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Share Why you don't want to begain another relationship
2014-6-14 15:29
For thoes who are dumped by someone they really love God said True love Is to give until hurts So he died for love Died for people Who he loves God’s love As immortal and permanent As God himself However You bleed for love Hurts drained your love Like a knife ...
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Share No Privacy in Dormitory
2014-6-1 10:26
No Privacy in Dormitory
When I write my paper in the dormitory, my roommate is sleeping. I can tell you it is 10 a.m. so I cannot turn on the light for not disturbing her. It make me upset, actually I sometimes feel I am in great need of privacy. The living condition of Chinese students is suck! Six people under a narrow roof share a toilet! I heard my teacher who has leaned abroad said that foreign students are living together under the same roof, but everyone ...
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Share Something and Pictures about My Trip to Mount Tai
2014-5-8 10:16
Something and Pictures about  My Trip to Mount Tai
I climbed Mount Tai, Tai’an in Shandong province at night in order to experience loneliness and a terror of the dark. Some of my friends thought it was crazy and persuaded me to change my mind, because they thought it is dangerous to hike for a girl alone especially at night! But I declined it. All the time I want to do what I want and to choose the way of my life. That sounds a little willfulness? In this experience ...
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