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You need to have a dream. What if it does come true?

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    You know recently, Chinese and many foreign internet giants and leads gathered in Wuzhen, Chinese southern city, attending the World Internet Conference (WIC). Those guys are in charge of the fate of the future of the Internet. It is so exiciting. You may confuse, why would I feel so exicited? It has nothing to do with me. No, internet has to do with everyone. You can't image it. Only a few years, we have entered a golden age of the internet. People talking, shopping, playing, even everything has to do with internet. The future is an "interworld". Those who is in charge of the philosopy of internet will be the winner in the fierce market. China boasts the largest netizens, rich groups, highest consuming desire, what a flourishing internet market.

    It not too hard to understand Chinese entrepreneurs gains much more confidence to go against the world-class companies. China's Xiaomi said at the WIC it wanted to become the world's number one smartphone vendor. Someone may mock him "dude, you say too much, hold your horses." But I don't think it is a dream that can't be realized. Lei Ju, CEO of Xiaomi said China is a magic land produced not only a company like Alibaba, but a small miracle like Xiaomi. I totally agree. You need to believe the best thing will happen sooner or later. Even though I didn't use Xiaomi phones ever. I believe Chinese companies have strong competitiveness in the world market. You know Apple, the world-class smarphone designer and marketer (I call it designer because the biggest iphone maker is China, I think) only occupies 6.9 percent share in China's frastructed smartphoe market. But for Xiaomi, the figure is 13.5 percent. And now Xiaomi gains huge popularity in India and Southeast Asia. It sells cutting-edged smarphoe at the price much lower than its competition.

    Bruce Sewell, Apple senior vice president made a comment on what Lie said, "it is easy to say, it is much more to do". That right, to become the world number one smarphoe vendor is not that easy. But if you don't try, how do you know whether you can do it or not? If you have a dream, just to make it. As what Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba said, "You need to have a dream. What if it does come true?"


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