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Time to say byebye to the competition

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Honestly speaking, I cannot remember when and where I got the the news of the blog contest. However, I did not forget the enthusiasm to take part in it and the determination to keep writing at least four blogs a month, which lasted for three months.
As a volunteer for the contest, I helped the directors of the contest in China Daily to promote it, putting up  posters in universities to attract more youths to join us . The contest was held for the first time so  everyone spared every effort for its publication. We see China Daily adopted various ways and launched many activities to deal more people in, such as the most familiar one "Help your city hit the headlines"which is in full swing now. Suggersted topics were given to help those who do not know what to write in their own blogs. As the system was newly established, we bloggers sometimes were encountered by such problems as the curiously disappearance of the pictures and blogs, the person in charge were patient and nice to solve them as soon as possibel. At the beginning, many bloggers were not familiar with the operation of delivering a blog, it was happy to see bloggers helped each other in QQ group.It made me feel we were in a sweet family though we came from different places.
As for myself, I found that I have indeed made progress. Before, it took me a rather long time thinking about where to begin before writing. Gradually after the participation in the contest, I formed the habit of writing down what I have ideas about if possible. This helped me to gather my ideas. Meanwhile, in the course of writing, I generated deeper thoughts about the topic I wrote on. When I had a blog published, I received comments from others to share their opinions with me. I really appreciate those who showed interest in my blogs and voiced their opinions. I gained more confidence to write and get acquainted with different cultures in different places.
The contest is approacking an end. I noticed some of bloggers stopped updating blogs in June, while some participants kept writing regularly. I am glad that I made it to the end and finished the minimum goal in the past three months. Though i need to say goodbye to the contest I will keep updating and I hope to share more with other bloggers in China Daily.

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