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Start Well and End Well

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Each of us tries to do something so as to make the time we spent on campus an unforgettable one.


In middle or high schools, we tore up our books when we finished the College Entrance Examination.     



Later, when in universities, we found more ways to have an inerasable memories of campus before entering into the society. One way is to take photos. However, the photos were no longer limited to the formal ones.  Graduation photos of different styles by graduates could often hit the headlines , which could be crazy, creative or artistic.



A session of graduation is approaching to its end. On campus, the students tide by tide packed up , coming up and down to say goodbye unwillingly to the campus where they have spent their students’ time. Next to my dormitory lived graduates. One evening I came to their dorm to offer help . When seeing the door was half-open , I knocked the door to make certain that someone was inside. I tried two more times, however, nobody answered. Therefore, I came back to my own dorm. The next morning I found the door unlocked and after several knocks , still nobody came to open the door. Then I glanced through the open window , only to find the things in the dorm were at sevens and eights. All the suitcases were gone and everyone had left . The scenes surprised me and there was a question mark in my mind .


The dorm for us pursuing studies is the second home , but we leave our home messy and dirty upon graduation .It is hard to understand. I interviewed some students including graduates regarding the phenomena . Some say it was natural since others around them did the same. Others gave the reason that it was difficult to spare the time to clean the dorm together because everyone was busy when graduation came. A minority of participants complained that their dorm was bad so they didn’t want to waste time clearing it.


Whichever reason they gave, to my standpoint, none of them was convincing . Every year when a season of graduation comes, graduates are called upon to possess the virtue of “ School Leavers’ Civilization ”When we saw the coverage about we Chinese uncivilized behaviors, we tended to be angry and criticized the uncivilized people’s wrong-doings. What’s more, we considered it disgraceful when Chinese people were reported to bathe feet in the pool in front of Louvre Museum Now looking back on us , being a person receiving higher graduation , we do the similar thing. Though it may be trivial, it is a reflection of our quality to some extent. When we are abroad, what we d0 shows the foreigners what Chinese people are.


The dorm belonging to us over the past four years will not be our second home , so we abandon it messy and dirty. But it will be the second home for the students settle there later. Everyone hope their home to be clean and tidy other than dirty. From the day we entered the university , we have been asked to  have our dorm swept up now and then so it madeus feel comfortable to live and most of us did so .Therefore, start well and end well . Clean our dorm accompanying with us for four years and take a photo with it , won’t it be a good and unforgettable memory ?

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