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Help my birthplace to hit the headlines -- Dabu County

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Now more and more young people come to big cities like Guangzhou , Shanghai and Beijing etc. for a better life. Living in big cities , we have access to much various kinds of sources , while we are under more pressure. We lead a fast-paced city life , put up with the traffic jam, breathe the polluted air , shoulder heavy workload , all of which we do is for a better life. Pressure needs to be relieved and travelling is good way.


Countryside tourism is gaining more popularity among people living in cities.


Therefore, I would like to introduce a village , my birthplace to you.


Dabu County is situated in the southeastern part of Meizhou, Guangdong Province , with a population of about 500,000. It is a Hakka scenic area known as The Village of overseas Chinese people , The Village of pottery and porcelain , The Village of Top Teas and The Culture Village. The sky is bright blue ; the air is fresh ; the clear water and green mountain complement each other. You can not only appreciate the picturesque scenery but also enjoy the slow-down village life. If you are a foodie, you will be pleased because there are a great diversity of mouth- watering food waiting for you .



A day's mood starts what I see in the early morning .When I open my eyes , beautiful scenery is enough to make me relaxed and happy for a whole day.



When festivals come , people will play fireworks and firecracks. On the ground, you see the pieces of firecracks scattered here and there.



When night draws , you can feel the river wind blow and see the red lanterns glistering in the darkness .



You can also see the old city wall and well-proportioned houses of Hakka style.



The houses and water complement each other , creating a harmonious picture.



The farmland in the sun and my dear grandpa , who was watering the vegetables. 



Sometimes you see the train passes the village , adding a different kind of feeling to the village.



Here is one of my favourite local food and I made it !



                                    Dabu County welcomes your visit !

                Let's slow down and enjoy a slow life !


    (   p.s.    All the photos are created by the blogger !  )


(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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