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Share Time to say byebye to the competition
2014-7-31 12:27
Honestly speaking, I cannot remember when and where I got the the news of the blog contest. However, I did not forget the enthusiasm to take part in it and the determination to keep writing at least four blogs a month, which lasted for three months. As a volunteer for the contest, I helpedthe directors of the contest in China Daily to promoteit, puttingup posters in universities to attract more youths to join us . The contest was held for the first ...
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Share Hope to get a chance to go to Ireland.
2014-7-31 11:08
Ireland is the country that I want to visit most.When it comes to Ireland,I would remember the world-famous Irish boy band Westlife.It is them who have aroused my interest in knowing more about Ireland. Another aspect makes Ireland impressive for me is its special regulations and rules on marrige.It possesses the lowest divorce rate around the world.The law ordered that the longer both parties promise to get married, the less money they need to pay for the marriage, with 2,000 ...
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Share My trip to Oriental Maldives and Hallstatt Town
2014-7-29 23:13
In the middle of this month, I together with my classmates had a trip to Huizhou. Two places with beautiful scenery have left me deep impression. Xunliao Bay,which is billed as the blue emerald and the enjoy the reputation of Oriental Maldives. It is said that during the period of Chinese Emperor Qianlong, a group of refugees fled to this solitude, set up houses which are called “Xun(巽)”in Chinese and settled there. “ Liao (寮)”means safe and sound. ...
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Share Advice to those who fail in Gaokao
2014-7-29 22:16
EveryyearaftertheresultsoftheCollegeEntranceexaminationarepublished,somepeoplearehappy,whilesomepeoplearedisappointed . Thestudentshavnggottenveryhighscorescapturethemedia ’ sattention.Tooursadness, somestudents gototheextremetoend&n ...
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Share Start Well and End Well
2014-6-29 21:25
Each of us tries to do something so as to make the time we spent on campus an unforgettable one. In middle or high schools, we tore up our books when we finished the College Entrance Examination. Later, when in universities, we found more ways to have an inerasable memories of campus before entering into the society. One way is to take photos. However, the photos were no longer limi ...
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Share Help my birthplace to hit the headlines -- Dabu County
2014-6-24 12:07
Help my birthplace to hit the headlines --  Dabu County
Now more and more young people come to big cities like Guangzhou , Shanghai and Beijing etc. for a better life. Living in big cities , we have access to much various kinds of sources , while we are under more pressure. We lead a fast-paced city life , put up with the traffic jam, breathe the polluted air , shoulder heavy workload , all of which we do is for a better life. Pressure needs to be relieved and travelling is good way. Countryside touri ...
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Share After graduation from high school
2014-6-23 22:06
After graduation from high school
Gaokao is an unforgettable experience for any Chinese student that has taken part in it. Whenever it is mentioned , all sorts of feelings well up in our hearts , no matter how long it passed . As for my opinion regarding Gaokao , I would like to quote a current catch-phrase, “ We look forward to finishing Gaokao as soon as possible , however, when we were liberated , we realized that high school was actually a paradise .” Indeed, the time we prepared for Gaokao ...
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Share How about living without smart phones ?
2014-6-23 20:13
How about living without smart phones ?
The advent of mobile phones brings people closer , making it tremendously convenient for those separated by long distances to communicate each other. Till today, smart phones seem to be part of our body. Apart from calling and texting , people now use smart phones regularly to be a means of entertainment due to their various functions such as cameras, game machines, music player etc. Yet, some negative effects begin to spring up. More and more of us are addi ...
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Share No longer a little girl but a young state of mind
2014-5-31 21:11
No longer a little girl but a young state of mind
DuringthebreakofJapanesecourses(mysecondforeignlanguage),weoftenwatchedsomevideostorelax.TakingourfamilaritywithJapaneseintoaccount,ourteacheroftenchoosessomeeasy-to-understandvideostous,whichnotonlyenableustolearnbutalso& ...
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Share A bite of nostalgia
2014-5-30 21:18
A bite of nostalgia
A bite of China, a mouth-watering documentary TV series featuring delicious Chinese food , has gained increasing popularity immediately after its airing, It also attracted countless audience and moved them to tears as well as made viewers go beyond thinking about delicacies. Nor am I exception. ...
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