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Share hey guys,long time no see
tanxihua 2017-1-4 16:21
hey guys,long time no see
hey,everybody in my blog Happy New Year in 2017
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Share Love
tanxihua 2014-7-30 00:36
The Chinese Valentine's Day is around the corner.Love is a wonderful thing in the world.What's your opinion about love?What love it is? C. S. Lewis, British novelist, scholar, has said love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained. What's the definition of love?There should be more definitions because every person has their own view.As far as I am concerned, everyone should ...
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Share My part-time job
tanxihua 2014-7-28 22:53
My part-time job
My part-time job is to sell some products of one famous brand.I did this kind of job when I was a freshman.This part-time job requests me at weekend or free time.Now, I was doing this job at my summer vacation.On the one hand, I did this job, most of the time, to gain some experience and exercise myself, on the other hand, owing to my family is not so rich, and I need to earn some extra money to support the living expense.Thanks to the consumption level is more an ...
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Share What is the big difference between rich family children and poor family children
tanxihua 2014-7-24 23:53
Patricia Briggs, an American writer, said that when life doesn't meet your expectations, it was important to take it with grace. When a kid was born in a rich family, it seems like that she or he owns the best thing.Clothing, food, house, transportation, school, and work, etc. all these basic necessities of life are easy to get from rich family.Rich family's children mean they have better foundation to make their dream come true and ...
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Share Phone
tanxihua 2014-7-23 22:29
Phone has played a vital role in our daily life.Without the phone, it is hard to do something.Nowadays, people rely on it just like the fish cannot live without water.People use it to communicate by sending messages, calling, playing games, QQ, We Chat, Wei Bo, voice communication, GPS, Tao Bao and so on.Phone can provide so many functions and purpose which you can imagine or you cannot imagine.There are some funny jokes what I thought and saw.Some people around me, the ...
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Share As for post-90 students, what attitude should we take?
tanxihua 2014-6-26 23:52
When we were born, we had no choice to choose parents, brothers and sisters, families, whether rich or poor they are, but we have choice to choose what attitude we should take. Today's society is sophisticated and changeable. As for post-90 students, some basic and original rules we must make arduous efforts to stick. No one would love to treat you better than they treat themselves, except your parents. No one shou ...
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Share The Advantages of Running
tanxihua 2014-6-24 23:55
After class, I often go running. Running is one of important thing and one of interest in my daily life. Keeping and loving an interest is knowledge in life. Running, of course, can relieve the pressure from study, work and lives. When I go running, I like to listen to music with my phone through the earphones. It is a good and relaxes feeling. Just enjoy the music as much as I like. Most importantly, I think running can play an important of my body. It could accelerate ...
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Share My some points about TED
tanxihua 2014-6-17 21:07
I think most of you know TED, technology, entertainment, and design.TED conference is held annually which brings together the world's most distinguished professors and scientists and fascinating thinkers and doers.These people come from all walks of life.These people's missions are spreading their ideas to encourage, promote, improve and influence other people.I like watching TED very, very much.There are some reasons I think I really like and enjoy. ...
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Share My opinion of the reform of the CET6
tanxihua 2014-6-14 12:06
This afternoon, CET6 will start.As a college student, it is necessary to pass the examination of the CET6.When we need to find a job after graduation, the certificate of the CET6 will help us more or less.Besides, it could be said that our abilities of English are to a new level, and we could be able to develop a basic communication with foreign college students or foreigners.Most importantly, I want to talk something of the new reform of the CET6. &nbs ...
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Share To my best girlfriend ---- a kind,beautiful and independent girl
tanxihua 2014-6-5 16:37
To my best girlfriend ---- a kind,beautiful and independent girl
After your internship from Beijing, I knew thatyouexperienced a lot what you have never through. Your outlook of life will be attain another level and more different from the every important moment in the past. Your internship in Beijing, I certainly believe that you did a profound and meaningful summary, and youalso shouldmake a short career planning and development for your future development. My dear dear bestfriend,I wish yo ...
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