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How many facets do you have—Australia?(1)

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Australia is known for its multi-culturalism, which literally endows many a facet for a country like Australia. Coming from the scorching and rainy north sphere, I went to the windy and relatively dry south sphere. For the first time in my life, I witnessed how large the world is and how the geography in my old textbook works when I took plane from Guangzhou to Melbourne.


The tint of summer lingering on our shirts, we were welcomed by Melbourne by the freezing air everywhere. My lungs sensed the differences from the air and knew that they were not in the warm north anymore. I personally liked the feeling of coldness in my lungs, for I can feel that the air was being changed and most importantly, different. Even though we were in summer shirts, we were not the limelight in the airport (Wearing that in North sphere’s winter must have brought about curiosity from the surrounding people). David, the driver, finally met us all after almost two-hour waiting in the airport. He is very friendly and his Australian accent again reminded me that I now came to Australia. Taking the coach all the way from airport to our hotel, I was so excited about everything around me. I was not a kid any more, but I was still a new-born “kid” for the world, because everything around me was new and different. Sometimes people are longing for escaping from the world they are used to. I guess the feeling I was experienced was right what they desire to have. I am lucky. The eucalypt along the roads was another reminder of this new world. Having heard of this tree from my teachers so many times, this magic tree which was always bound with the image of Australia surely is everywhere here.


A man coming from Russia would definitely be called “foreigner” if he is in China. However, a friend kind of lessoned me the difference in Australia. There are also “foreigners”, but they are preferred to be called “international people”. As I said in the beginning, Australia’s multi-culturalism is one of the feathers being most talked-about. People from different races and nationalities could be easily found in the streets of Melbourne. Interlocutors with different colours and accents talk in the common language, English, which bridges the communication among people no matter where they are from.  The demarcation line between local Australians and people from other parts of the world blurs a lot in this land. Historically speaking, Australia was “colonized” by modern civilisation. As for the land and its original owner, the indigenous, people who came afterwards were all “foreigners” if I can be a little bit exaggerated on this matter. The concession to the matter shatters the wall among people and distinguishes everyone in this land.


I have no idea why the sky in Melbourne is so beautiful that it looks that a painter is so busy every day to use the sky as his canvas. It is clean, clear, and close. Rosy dawn and scarlet dusk could be the best canvas painting ever. A good friend here, (I am lucky to have a friend like him), took me to the Port Phillip at one night. That was also my first time to see the sea; the grand sea under the veil of night shined as an immortal being. I looked upon the night sky and saw the milky way in the sky with the constellations that I have never seen before--- the southern cross. The wharf where there was no even a ghost stretches all the way to the darkness. Like a call, a wave to me. I will come!


Australian people are very friendly, that was I have been told before many times. However, I, myself, is introverted often and even worse when the language is different. Not a local friend so far I have, because I am locked by myself and need a nudge, or a key by myself. But the friend I mentioned above, full of patience and loveliness to me, answered almost all my questions about Australia and satisfied my curiosity to this city. I am still expecting to meet some local people and try to talk to them.  

To be continued on my journals in Australia…

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-7-18 17:04
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report jaseminsibo 2016-7-20 07:10
Hi! I am currently living in Melbourne. Hmmm, what about 'Culture' and 'Creativity'?
Reply Report cecilia颖 2017-3-11 15:14
jaseminsibo: Hi! I am currently living in Melbourne. Hmmm, what about 'Culture' and 'Creativity'?
hi, i have not been here for a long time. Sure. Melbourne has diverse cultures and creatiity. now i have come back and i am missing there.

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