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A Reading Gathering Based on “Confession”

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Last Saturday night, I went to a reading club in our university. “Confession”, written by a Japanese writer 凑かなえ(凑家苗), was the book we discussed. Students who were in the reading club have a variety of research background, such as Chinese, micro-electronics, computer science and English literature.


Firstly, a student gave us a thorough introduction of the book, for most of us have not read that before. After the presentation, we started to express our opinions on the book. The book tells a story about a teacher’s revenge on some students who murdered her daughter. The two students who made the tragedy were very different, but shared one thing in common, that is, their relationship with their parents is not the way as it should be. One of them was very talented, but he used to be abandoned by his mother. Therefore, he craved her mother’s care by making himself much more excellent than his classmates. When his girlfriend said he had Oedipus complex, he was so mad that he killed her. I guess the girl was right about this twisted love, which hurt him so much when his secret was known by the other. The other one who was involved in the murder, became paranoid after he was told that the milk that he and his classmates drank every day had been added AIDS-infected blood. He was so scared that he dare not go back to school. (Actually there was only pure milk.) The paranoid boy’s mother used to be a neglected girl in her family, so she always wanted her child to have all the love and best things in their family. The loss of parents’ care have farther influence in one person. When she found that her son was that good and he was really involved in the murder (she did not believe at first), she realized that her son was a total failure. She failed, so she decided to kill his son, but in the struggle, his son killed her instead. The talented boy later invented a bomb and put it in a classroom in a university where her mother worked, because he found that her mother abandoned him again by remarrying to another guy. He became desperate and wanted to attract her attention by this extreme way. However, the teacher, whose daughter murdered by him, rearranged the bomb and put it outside the office of his mother, but he did not know and pressed the button. He just killed the one he loved so much.


The story was very much impressive for the lonely atmosphere it creates. The students who were involved in the murder were lonely, for their mothers either cared little or cares too much. I guess the writer wanted to condemn this selfish parenting. Most of the students in that class did not treat those who were involved in the murder well. Who are the most of the student in the book? I think it is the most of us. We do not want to understand the weak group and sometimes even think of them as freaks. The wall that isolates them from the rest of the normal people is built by us, but not them. I feel scared by the condemnation from the author, because the most of the students in that class, that is, the most of us, has a big part in the tragedy. There was one friend mentioned migrant works who were over 50 years old around us. He said they are almost invisible in this society, because people try to pretend that they are still okay in the heavy manual labor. However, they are getting old and they do not have social insurance. Truth always hurts, but being numb about truth will be the most pathetic and sorrowful truth in the world.


Be alive, be caring.

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It's deep thought issue for us, how to deal with it better for education child.

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