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My Opinion about Gaokao

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To my view, Gaokao is a way to assess the knowledge proficiency of high school students, or we can say it is an assessment system of knowledge proficiency. For years, the government has been trying to make it accessible, equitable, fair and effective, since it is so important a lever of education resources. But I think the problem is this evaluation should not be taken so much and the other purposes of education have got neglected. If the main purpose of education is to enlighten the students and cultivate creative, ambitious and cultured citizens, then what is the crazy preparation for Gaokao for? Surely it is for Gaokao, which I do not blame or criticize, but the preparation for it has been exaggerated. And the way to prepare has reduced the ability of being creative. There should be a system like Gaokao to function as the evaluation standard for every students, but there should be more other referential standards or assess systems for universities to admit students. Therefore, the other aspects of education can be taken care of.

I attended Gaokao 5 years old. I guess there must be many changes now. Actually I took Gaokao twice. There are quite a few students like me who took Gaokao more than once. I have more than one classmate who took Gaokao three times and eventually ended up in a good or okay university. Gaokao is so important for us, especially students in rural places, to receive a better education in big cities. For the sake of putting all the energy and concentration onto study, students who are going to attend Gaokao are also privileged at home. Students do not need to bother to do anything except study in order to prepare for Gaokao. Now things may have changed on this. I remember a news saying that a student was told the news that his parent passes away only after he finished Gaokao. Anyway, all for Gaokao. If there is more than one system to evaluate students’ knowledge proficiency, students might distribute their energy to other things, like music, gym, etc. But there is another problem, the imbalanced distribution of education resources will weaken the multi-assess system, since it is remote and backward.

So I think there are two major problems in regard to Gaokao, the single assess system and the imbalanced distribution of education resources. The settlement of this two problems might release the students’ pressure to take Gaokao, and diversify the levels of talents.

However, there is one thing I have to mention about Gaokao. During the course of preparation, students would have the most profuse knowledge compared to the rest four years or so inside the university, for the knowledge that students are obliged to master is extensive and all-round (narrowly), students would quickly forget almost all the other knowledge when they enter into an university and focus on one subject field. I’d say, it is a pity we just forget those knowledge that we have tried so hard to grab.

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Reply Report Swifty55 2017-8-10 13:44
Well done. I am from the USA but agree 100%

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