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Share Nostalgia for the past and fear for the future
2015-12-28 11:31
Last Friday I gave my students a lecture about music bands. One of my students, Twist, said his favorite band is “ Guns N' Roses ”, and “Don’t Cry” is the one that he likes most. Twist was born in 1997 or so, and this band was active around 1985. Honestly, I was quite surprised when he gave me this answer, because personally I believe I always hold a kind of persistent nostalgia for the past and fear\confusion for the future, and I never expect that the younger gene ...
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Share Multi-layers world----- On “Source Code”
2015-12-20 09:48
If you are also a fan of sci-fi, please read what I am going to write. If not, please also read this because you will know how important that the decision you make every time. I am sick all day long so gave myself a movie day today. Then I watched the movie, “Source Code”, that my friend recommend to me. After I finished watching the movie, I suddenly realize the world is not the single one. Instead, there are many layers of the world. A layer stands for a dif ...
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Share Vocational education and normal education
2015-12-3 22:48
Generally speaking, there are two kinds of schools for students in China, the normal schools where most of students go and study general disciplines, and the vocational schools where students can learn the pragmatic skill. Some students go to the normal school, attain acceptable scores and head to universities. Others do not have a good performance in school work or do not have much interest in it, and would probably choose to attend to vocational school ...
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Share Please slow down
2015-1-20 17:40
Please slow down
It is also what i want to tell myself. A few days ago, i had lunch with a friend from a top-rank university in China. i told him my pressure on study and my confusion about the graduate study. He sighed and said,"During the two semsters he was in this university,there has been 5 or 6 students committing suicide by jumping off the building. It is a prevailing phenomenon. But you need to hold on to your own faith and do not lose your direction." I have to admit that during the half year as a gra ...
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