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Share “When you are on the way”
2015-12-15 14:06
“When you are on the way”
At the beginning of December, our “department of nations and cultures” (a sub-member department in the graduates union) planned to start an activity about “diverse nations and cultures at home and abroad”. We named it as “When you are on the way”, meaning you are far away from your home on the one hand, and on the other hand, you would feel other various cultures on your way. People usually know more about student union, instead of graduate union. Is it true that ...
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Share To Fail
2015-12-13 16:09
To Fail
From September to now, I have from time to time had some tests, such as the teacher qualification test, and the test for advanced interpretation. The results have come out now, but none of them adds sense of achievement to me. That is, I did not pass the two tests. We all have failed to get what we want, but when you failed one by one, which is a big strike actually. The clichés that help you to cheer up sound dry, sour and bitter. &n ...
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Share what do we students have for fun?
2015-11-21 17:43
A few days ago, we have a visitor from Australia, William Yang, who held a story-telling workshop in our department. My juniors went there and told their stories like William Yang. After the workshop, we had lunch together, when the organisor asked us what we usually do for fun.We all fell into quietfor a while. Actually I have been asked about this question for many times. Therefore I hold that maybe foreign students and teachers are curious about our routine life and what we real ...
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Share “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
2015-5-8 23:35
“Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
She raised three kids, even though the family-control policy once was very strict at that time. She was locked in a small room for the punishment of having more children than the policy allowed. I am one of her “spare” children. For a woman, it must be a suffering for keeping you away from your new-born kids and all your families. She was born in 1965. Her husband has some problem upon his arms, and cannot work outside to support the family. So he stays at home and do ...
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Share A Letter to First Love
2015-4-21 21:26
A Letter to First Love
No. X, X Street London, Britain 21st, 2015 Dear xx How are you? It has been almost 5 years since we met each other last time. I still remember I begged you to meet me on that Valentine’s Day. How stupid I am! 5 years have passed; the scar has healed by itself. What has gone has gone to nowhere. a few days ago, some of my friends talked about a movie, called “Fleet ofTime”( 匆匆那年 ). The movie triggered the memory about you. T ...
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Share Oasis Music Festival in SJTU
2015-4-19 23:20
Oasis Music Festival in SJTU
On Wednesday night, I went to SJTU for the Oasis Music Festival. SJTU is very near my university, ECNU if it were not the size of SJTU. But I can still take my junky second-hand bike there within 20 minutes. Most people who went to the music festival are students. The first band is from SJTU. I personally admire them for their courage and talent to pursue dreams. Bands sing, play, shout, go crazy; we sit, stand, hands up, shout. The music festival was held in a sta ...
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Share Swweet Cats In ECNU
2015-2-16 19:52
Swweet Cats In ECNU
There are many cats in our new campus, especially in the dorms. One day when my friend saw me off to the dorm, he met a white cat with brown dots on her body. He is really a cat person. So he thought he might take one to his dorm and raise her by himself. And that cat also seemed quite int ohim, starting to purring when he caressed her fur and then, resting her head on his arm. The cat acted like a baby actually. But when my friend tried to take the cat to his dorm, she seemed reluctant and tri ...
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Share what is the New Year's wish? and what do you regret for about 2014?
2014-12-25 00:49
what is the New Year's wish? and what do you regret for about 2014?
We are preparing for a New Year's party now. Each of us will take a picture with a white board with wishes and regrets on it. And a video will be made of the continuous pictures. It is good idea to let everyone speak out at this time. So naturally, i was thinking about the two questions today. Then at dinner, i told my boy friend about the questions i was thinking about. Before i told him about the wish-and-regret video, he told me a story. The story goes like this. And the story is abou ...
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Share My 2014
2014-12-17 00:06
2014 is going to wind up. Looking back on this year, a lot of things happen. Some i could share with, and the others i hope will be hidden all my life. I think everyone has something hiddendeep in his heart. No matter what the thing is, it would cause pain whenever it is mentioned. Maybe that is a must for being mature, for being an adult. The older weare, the more secrets we have. The secrets we have in our heart is like a net we weave. Inside the net, it is a dark us w ...
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Share The Future of Marginalized Community
2014-11-22 00:34
The Future of Marginalized Community
Back in under graduate, a text called “The Loons” always touches me and makes me feel pity for those people, the Metis. They are the offspring of the indigenous people and white people, so they can never fully recognized by both sides. Technically speaking, they are even more marginalized than Indian people. I do not know what their living condition is and what social right they have now, but from the google information, the situation has not been improved impressively. Maybe later, th ...
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