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Share An Unforgettable Night
2014-8-3 15:03
i should have written down what i have experienced at the last night when i worked in the bar,but i went to Baotou and the blog was i want to share my funny story at that night.brdivAlthough it was the night for me to work there,i still worked very hard to the last minute.The three draft beers,Carlsberg,Hoegaarden,Liefman and their machine have become my best friends.After i was off work,i wanted to buy myself a drink in order to say goodbye to my friends and the bar.After gettin ...
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Share What I have learnt by working in a bar for two months?
2014-7-22 14:21
What I have learnt by working in a bar for two months?
From today on, I have ended my part-time work in Pain Qin, Xi’an. I not only have earned some fund for me to travel, but also learn some lessons. First, all the bar attendants here are very friendly to me. They taught me a lot in beer, wine, and cocktail and other skills. I know what I learnt here is far to enough, but at least this world of drinking is familiar to me now. I will have an easy access to learn this later. I do want to learn more. S ...
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Share Be gone, the smog of Xi’an
2014-7-20 19:13
Be gone, the smog of Xi’an
Recently, the sky of Xi’an shows what the original sky is. Sky should be blue; lazy and clumpy clouds wander with breeze. That is sky. But last winter, we witnessed the worst condition of air pollution in Xi’an. Almost for a week, we cannot see the library 400 meters away from our dorm. It was really like the end of the day. That reminded me of a song in the “under the dome” “the end of the day”. But now, it seems a god has helped to purify the air in Xi’an. Th ...
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Share [Topic] The helicopter parents around me
2014-7-4 16:15
When I saw this topic, I look back of those years and think about how my parents bring me up. Then I realize a fact that I am lucky that I have parents who have given me proper freedom to grow up. Both my parents are farmers, but they try their best to give us three children good education and a comfortable life. The success of my parents’ education for us, I think, is in what they do in ordinary life, they are hard-working, honest and down-to-earth. They are like all the other farmers in ...
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