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Share How many facets do you have—Australia?(1)
2016-7-14 12:56
How many facets do you have—Australia?(1)
Australia is known for its multi-culturalism, which literally endows many a facet for a country like Australia. Coming from the scorching and rainy north sphere, I went to the windy and relatively dry south sphere. For the first time in my life, I witnessed how large the world is and how the geography in my old textbook works when I took plane from Guangzhou to Melbourne. Coldness The tint of summer lingering on our shirts, we were welcomed by Melbourne by the freezing air e ...
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Share A love story on the train back to home
2016-2-2 22:34
A love story on the train back to home
IthasbeenalmostahalfmonththatIwasabsentfromhere.Iwasinvolvedinthepaper-checkingoftheCET-6translationandcomposition.IttookalmosthalfamonthandIwassotiredofofthistime.Afterthat,Itookatrainandcomebackto&nb ...
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Share At Yangshuo
2016-1-10 20:06
At Yangshuo
Yangshuo, near Guilin, is famous for its natural scenery and ancient cities. In the New Year’s holiday, I went there after my friend’s wedding. For me, Yangshuo is beautiful and full of art atmosphere. I used to expect there a lot for it is said there are many arty persons and places, and plenty of chances to run into love affairs. It sounds attractive and mysterious anyway. We bought a package travel ticket, 280 Yuan per person, including the bus fare to the port where we can g ...
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Share At a wedding in Guilin
2016-1-5 12:08
At a wedding in Guilin
On the New Year’s Day, I went to Guilin and attended a friend’s wedding. Taking the train from Shanghai to Guilin gave me a chance to experience the scenery changes from north to south. It is also the first time that I went to Guilin and I was surprised that there was also smog in such a bright city. A driver told me that there was no smog in Guilin five years ago. I arrived one day before the wedding, so I helped my friend, the bride-to-be, to prepare the decoration ...
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Share we are shabi group,haha
2014-5-3 12:34
we are shabi group,haha
On May 2, we went to visit the Cui Hua Shan Mountain in Xi’an. S used to be my German teacher and now we are friends. She was the organizer of the activity and there are three of her friends in our Shabi group. Because of the holiday, there were so many people going there. The worst thing is to take a bus on a holiday. I felt I was going to crush into pulp in the bus (905). There is a saying in Xi’an if the bus is much crowded----people often compare themselves as a kind of local food,ro ...
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