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Share “You are beautiful”
2014-6-26 13:28
“You are beautiful”
I want to use this song of James Blunt to express my feeling before I leave my uni. At the end of this month, I am going to leave my school. Actually, I felt quite upset when I came here four years ago, because the school is not a key one, and the environment was a disappointment. Everything was out of control and seemed scorching at that summer day. But now, when I look back these years, I feel maybe this is where I should be. In this school, I met several teachers w ...
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Share Xi’an----the city where I live
2014-6-17 18:07
As we all know, Xi’an is a city with a long history and time-honored culture. There are lots of scenic spots and cultural heritages, as well as enormous bulk of visitors. Once I met a girl who is from America, and she studies archaeology in Xi’an. That reminds me of the common concept of Xi’an----a city full of ancient and valuable things. Here is an example, the existence of the city wall is already part of people’s life, but such thing has been there for hundreds. Every co ...
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Share Here comes a wave of copying examination papers
2014-6-10 22:26
Here comes a wave of copying examination papers
As I am going to graduate in this month, I need to type my thesis time and again. So I visit the printing shops very often. Then I found that not only the students like me who are preparing their thesis, but also those who are going to have their final tests also go to the printing shop in groups. I noticed that what they are doing is to copy the former examination papers or the notes that other people made for the final tests. And the examination papers almost cover every subject. Students ...
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Share What is the difference among bars in the world?
2014-6-5 12:58
What is the difference among bars in the world?
Working in a bar makes it possible for me to observe the bar life from a different way. An engineer from American came and sit beside the bar counter and I asked what was the bar like in America. He told me it is different from here. People in America come to bar mainly for watching sports. Then I asked another good friend from Portugal the same question. He told me in his country, people also come to bar for games and so forth since such shows on the TV requires extra charge if you watch ...
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Share The dilemma of moving my registered residence
2014-5-18 14:07
The dilemma of moving my registered residence
If you are a Chinese college student, you must be familiar to this topic, for everyone has to make a choice to move the registered residence when one is accepted by a college. In 2010, when I went to study in Xi’an, I chose to move my registered residence to my university. I thought it was a must to bring the piece of paper within me. But as I am going to graduate, such problem occurs again. Students who are able to find a company who can accept registered residence will place it in the c ...
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Share My part-time job in a bar
2014-5-13 16:13
My part-time job in a bar
My part-time job in a bar As I have said before, there will be two months before I go graduation. So I sent my resumes on the internet and fortunately, I found a job in a bar. My work there is to pour draught beer or beer tower to guests inside the bar counter, which is quite exhausting every night, since I work from 8:30 pm to 1:30 am there. It is fun to see all works of people drinking and having fun together. For me, in this noisy and smoky envi ...
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Share My first love
2014-5-8 15:26
My first love
For so long time, I don’t know what the love means to me in my heart. Sometimes, love could be a hurt for a life time. The movie “ 同桌的你 ”(My Old Classmate) again triggered the memories which has been buried deep in my heart. So up to now, I don’t have enough courage to watch this movie, not even to watch the review of it. i know I would not control myself, would cry secretly. Yes, I am always a cry baby, It was in 2010. My first love wa ...
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Share I am going to graduate this summer
2014-4-26 11:50
In 2010, i came to Xi'an and study in an ordianry university. now, 2014, i am going to gradute in two or three months. and now, i am trying finish my thesis first. the thesis, as a standard for the graduation, is not as it was a big deal. but i dont kown why there is only one single standard all around China to prepare for graduation of students majoring arts. teachers have told me it tests comprehensive ability of a student to complete a thesis.yes, but i still wish there will be ...
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