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Share Some suggestion for climbing the Hua Shan Mountain
2014-10-7 19:01
Some suggestion for climbing the Hua Shan Mountain
1. Before you go, I think the following thing you might need to take into consideration What to eat? Just for your reference only, what I took included chocolate (2), snickers, milk, and an instant noodle in bucket, compressed biscuits. And you might need to be aware of how much food you need to take in every meal, given that we need to climb with the lightest weight. What to drink? I took one big water and two small ...
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Share Live in “Carpe Diem”
2014-7-11 19:47
I first knew the phrase when I had my English literature class. It is originated from a Latin poem “ Horace ”( Book 1, number 11 ) ( aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero, seize the day , trusting as little as possible in the next (day) ). So as we can see, it means “seize the day”. After I knew it, I take it as my personal motto. In my understanding, “carpe diem” is a lifestyle, an attitude towards life and a way to unde ...
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Share What will you do when you come across the hobos in the street?
2014-5-28 16:14
So far I have worked in the bar near Zhonglou (bell tower in Xi’an) for two weeks. Every day when I go to work, I can always see some hobos, usually elderly people with dirty and ragged clothes, sitting slackly on the ground ask money from passers-by. Last day I came to work earlier so I got some extra time to walk leisurely on my way and noticed there are always three hobos from the exit of the metro of zhonglou to Nanmen (south gate). A man that day took a picture of an elderly hobo on ...
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Share How to view the censor of “TTBT” and the broadcast of “Game of Thrones”?
2014-4-29 22:28
On April 26, it is said that four American TV shows including “The Big Bang of Theory” has been censored by State Administration of Radio Film and Television . And at the same time, another show, the controversial “The Game of Thrones” adopted by Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” has been broadcasting on CCTV. The reason why the four shows were censored is still unknown. Personally, I also a big fan of TTBT, especially Sheldon. So that is really a big loss. I ...
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