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Report prettybaby50 2017-1-17 04:30
Hi i hope fine? am Miss Blessing, My Dear i was in this site today looking for a better relationship then i First saw your profile i took interesting to know you,contact me At (abdelblessing ) I promise to add my picture to you as soon as i receive your reply in my mailbox thank am waiting to read from you
Report MissBarbara 2014-5-18 11:54
Yo弋弋: Hi!Your name is my english name in middle school!            
Report teamkrejados 2014-5-17 08:12
Yo弋弋: It may be because mom   trust me very much, and  I am a trustworthy person at the same time! And she thinks I know more things than her, she thinks I  ...
Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman. It is clear you are following her footsteps.
Wish you a great weekend.
Report teamkrejados 2014-5-15 11:45
Yo弋弋: Thank you very much for your reply, your words is very nice. "Young people should do things seriously," this is my mother told me, "no  ...
Your mother is absolutely correct! I might add that a positive attitude is everything.
My dear, you seem to have that type of attitude in abundance.
I wonder: what are your parents' thoughts about your non-traditional life? Most parents want children to focus on study...
Report teamkrejados 2014-5-15 09:50
My dear, in a way you are being very smart. While graduates will flood the job market and maybe get disappointed, you already have a position you are satisfied with.
Telemarketing is indeed difficult work. Everybody is rude and hangs up on you, and you have the stress of making sales.
If you are good at it and enjoy the work, why not continue?
I really admire your drive and your strength. How difficult it must be to work and go to school at the same time! You seem to be very optimistic... that might well be your greatest strength.
Please stay in touch, dear. I would love to see how things turn out for you.
Wish you a beautiful day!
Report DMZappa 2014-5-14 23:18
Yo弋弋: You still a college student?right?
No. I am 60 years old. But I am still surfing.
Report Yo弋弋 2014-5-5 17:36
make friends!!!
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  • waiting 2014-5-16 11:58

    财神: because he is a kind of blog laoshi!
    You are right!     

  • waiting 2014-5-15 20:04

    Yo弋弋: Thank you very much! You always say some encouragement, let me feel very happy! Sincerely thank you very much!
    because he is a kind of blog laoshi!

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