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Share some feeling
2014-5-19 15:57
The things in the world are not always what we are willing to, there are always something unexpected break original plan, what we can do is don’t be in panic when a small episode comes. Everything happened to us is a valuable experience in life. You might feel painful at that time, inside of the heart feel why is god so unfair, let me experience such treatment...But some years later, when you recall it again, your heart will be filled with gratitude, thank you for yo ...
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Share waiting
2014-5-14 23:02
Recentlyforaperiodoftime, I haveseenalotofpeople'sblog, andI feel what the y recordisveryliteratureandart .Thinking about Iwasa girl withoutthecells of literatureandar t, so I havebeenhesitantto ...
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Share 2014-05-05
2014-5-5 16:52
To be honest, it’s the first time that I write a blog, especially, in English, I’m a little excited. Usually I justbrowse other blogs, rarelywrite somethingabout myself, generally speaking, i’m alurker. Today is 5th, May, so I will record my holiday. 1st, May It’s the first day in vocation, considering that many people in vocation, I chose to have a film at homenearby.Don ...
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  • waiting 2014-5-16 11:58

    财神: because he is a kind of blog laoshi!
    You are right!     

  • waiting 2014-5-15 20:04

    Yo弋弋: Thank you very much! You always say some encouragement, let me feel very happy! Sincerely thank you very much!
    because he is a kind of blog laoshi!

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