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Report diana小鱼儿 2014-5-6 19:02
Azindoo: I like your thought provocative pieces .keep it up.
Thanks for your encouragement  
Report Azindoo 2014-5-6 00:14
Great for your efforts
Report ColinSpeakman 2014-5-6 00:00
Azindoo: Mr. Colins ,Thanks for your contributions ,we may Sometimes beg to differ on issues but shouldn't make us get distructed on the core duty to inform
Agree 100%!
Report SharonGibson 2014-4-30 02:39
Azindoo: Sharon u said u are learning Chinese, advise for u. I' m a foreigner too. I have not sat in the class room to learn Chinese ,but i can tell u  , my Ch ...
Thank you Azindoo for your excellent suggestions!  Unfortunately, there is no "Chinatown" where I live, so there is not really a community place like that where Chinese people gather.  I would love that!

But your suggestion about the news...I might be able to do that.  I don't see any Chinese channels on my cable tv, but I am sure I can find something online.  That's a great idea.

Thanks again!
Report SharonGibson 2014-4-29 04:53
Azindoo: We can share ideas
Yes, great!  
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