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2015-6-10 08:42
Recent disturbing developments in the South China Sea has made me thinking up to my bones about the quensequencies we will likely face, should there be a war between China and its neighbours in the disputed islands.But are Chinese and all claimants to those tiny islands thinking?amp;amp;nbsp;amp;lt;divamp;gt;amp;lt;bramp;gt;amp;lt;/divamp;gt;amp;lt;divamp;gt;;In the 21st century,no country be it the proverbial big or small can claim supremacy over the other as the dynamics amp;amp;amp; ...
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2015-6-10 01:25
A voice from afar is asking a question : Can China become a superpower ?.This question keeps coming from no other people but Chinese wishing and longing to surpass almighty America.This dream sounds nice but achieving such an elevated position is another thing.There are questions to answer by China, there are commitments to meet,there are changes that need to be made and there are great responsibilities to carry to be able to assure the world that China is ready to assume such a role.
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Share When Beggers Die There Are No Comets In The Sky ?
2015-3-1 15:41
When beggers die there are no comets in the sky- courtesy by Shakespeare.divbr/divdivWhat it means is that: When ordinary people die ,there won't be the usual funeral fanfare you will see when a prominent leader or a well to do dies .There will be no such large gathering when a down-trodden dies./divdivbr/divdivThis shows how a layman is neglected and treated as inferior and low-levelled in society./div
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Share Things Fall Apart
2015-2-26 22:40
'Things fall apart and the center can't hold. This is dubbed verbatim from the great poet in Africa, Chinua Achebe, RIP. I quote it in honor of him.He was a great poet, a novelist , an educationist. He brough life into African poetry, with his poetic tones, sharpness and wizardry. God receive him in your highest bossom!
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Share A Decorated Monkey Is Still A Monkey
2015-2-26 21:39
Proverb of the day. A decorated monkey is still a monkey.
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Share Could You Be Loved ?
2015-2-25 02:39
Could you be loved . Love is earned by our actions. nbsp;Love is won by yourself.nbsp;divLove is within you.Open up and it opens to you.Love is not expensive .It is how you seek it . Love and be;/div
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Share A person Who Does Not travelled widely thinks that ...................
2015-2-25 00:38
Proverb of the day. A person who does not travelled widely thinks that his or her mother is the best cook.(Ugandan proverb)
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Share feizhou xiong di (African brother) Chinese so soon forgotten ?
2015-2-24 19:39
The (feizhou xiong di) proclamation by Chinese people and their leaders is still afresh in the minds of Africans.We still remember those acolates and attributes Chinese poured onto Africans for standing behind them. Now, it seems to many Africans, especially those in China here, to feel like being stubbed at the back.amp;nbsp;lt;divgt;lt;brgt;lt;/divgt;lt;divgt;Their concern and worry is how Chinese marginalised them, in terms of jobs opportunities here, selective justice in employment, ...
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Share The Dream I Lost Painfully
2015-2-24 10:31
I lost my dream painfully and will forever live with it. It's football. It was what I dreamed about becoming a great footballer.I love the sport. It's in my bones but nature had snatched it from me what a dream lost !.divbr/divdivWhen I was young at 10, I was already a promising star by peoples eyes. I had the skills, the master tactics to stop opponents .I could jump higher and head the ball out of scoring. Those were my defensive wizardry./divdivbr/divdivI continued playing u ...
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Share I am a Black Cat But I Can Catch Mouse Why Deny Me The Chance ?
2015-2-21 23:54
I am a black cat but my teeth are as sharper as a white cat, why deny me the chance to try?divI am a black cat, but I am as brainy as the white cat./divdivI am a black cat and so what?/divdivSo far as I can catch a mouse,/divdivI should be given the equal opportunity given to the white cat./divdivbr/divdivI know verily that I have the will power and skill to catch a mouse,/divdivBut the abundant opportunities are skewed to favor only the white cat./divdivbr/div ...
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