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Thanks for mutafire (@mutafire)to give us a good post to let us know that Chinese guys drawbacks. But even I am ignorant , I still can find some good points of Chinese boys to get a good soul mate.

First of all, as we saw, Chinese are shy ,true, and if they find a girl is fit for them , they will patient enough to make that girl happy and pay attention to them,( no offence, but so far I always see that westerners’ love style is often just about dating and going to bed and gone as fast as possible .) and absolutely Chinese are conservative (I mean most Chinese guy rather that sons of a high official), so they will be terribly happy if girls just walk with them or kiss them ,and they will cherish you as much as they can. Girls will be the ‘SNOW WHITE’ to your Chinese boyfriend of course no matter where you come from. And by the way, if you were dating a Chinese guy, don’t worry he will have sex with your paramours and they will always protect women(Chinese are good at that believe me ,because they have politeness and they learn it as they were born.)

Secondly, Chinese guys are more polite,  there is a ridiculous thing that we find that , in Chinese views that Chinese are always the noisy people and speak aloud but in some foreigners’ eyes ,they find themselves always talk aloud. So I just find that ,foreigners truly speak aloud in many places and unless it need to be quite. But educated Chinese have their ideas and keep themselves speak lowly and keep themselves silent, but to be honest, they are not clumsy or stupid, they just do not want to tell everyone he met that he want to date a girl. They chose people to talk to, and they treasure their lover and friends. They are really loyal to their lovers.

And there is a joke, really no offence. Maybe bishop do not accept Chinese who hold atheism but if you were the girl who had being dating a Chinese guy, you will not be at risk finding another guy in your boyfriend’s bed. Most of Chinese still think homosexuality or bisexuality is a myth or they just don’t believe it until they saw it .

Finally if a girl date a Chinese boy, 1. You will not need to worry about you financial problems and you don’t worry your dirty clothes and you don’t worry that when you bored. And your world will be his own world, that’s the most charming advantage of Chinese guys.

By the way, Chinese are serious about sex. So you don’t worry any Chinese guys will have sex with you(warning except in bars or clubs be careful, some jerks are really devil.) and sometimes they just want to be your friends.

 And about some biology problems , actually most of Chinese are healthier than western even most of things we use or eat are poison, but we still healthy and flexible. And p.s. couple  discovering some things together can also be wonderful, isn’t it ?

So whether for foreign girls or domestic girl, Chinese guys are not losers. And even I am a blunt and dull Chinese guy I still can write something in English ,so why don’t you believe Chinese guys are awesome and romantic?  




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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-5-11 10:34
It seems to me that most Chinese guys look for that one special girl to cherish and love for life. Most Chinese girls look for that one special guy to be their prince, to love and cherish for life. So really there is much compatibility in Chinese social relationships. This should not be seen otherwise just because of some posts, partly humorous, debating relations between foreign girls and Chinese men, or foreign men and Chinese girls.  Those are a minority of relationships in China and bring their own inter cultural issues. I don't think that discussions on those in CD Forum are meant to have any implications about the vast majority of normal relationships in a China between locals. I do not subscribe to the view that a Western man has some thing special to offer a Chinese girl that a Chinese man has not. That would be very arrogant to think that way.  You make many good points about Chinese values.
Reply Report 286633460 2014-5-11 10:50
   nice of you, Chinese guys also want the world know themselves.
Reply Report 小小徐 2014-5-11 21:04
in the aspect of love, i think we should avoid negating all the chinese guys or western people. we may find some rotten apples in a box, however, it doesn't mean all the apples are rotten. the most important thing is follow your heart and care, respect, trust each other.  
Reply Report 286633460 2014-5-11 21:54
小小徐: in the aspect of love, i think we should avoid negating all the chinese guys or western people. we may find some rotten apples in a box, however, it d ...
lovely comment.
Reply Report Hannah.E 2014-5-19 11:30
Is that for your own good? Okay, just kidding. You really list some good points about Chinese guys who do have. But sometimes maybe just some bias they have on us and so do we.
Reply Report 286633460 2014-5-19 11:43
Hannah.E: Is that for your own good? Okay, just kidding. You really list some good points about Chinese guys who do have. But sometimes maybe just some bias the ...

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    Good to see you back!  Hope things go well for you with your new girlfriend.  Hope she learns not to beat on you but to talk things out.  Over time you will know if you are right for each other.

    looking forward to reading more posts.  Good luck my friend!

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