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My confusion.

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As a long time, we have goal to pursue, like getting a high score or hold a activity or just finish something interesting .but now , I feel aimless. I always have the feeling ,even I am a young man who with a little ambition. That sounds ridiculous but so sad , it is truth . maybe the feeling came from the things I encountered recently.

  First of all , I made friends with some foreigners. And learn about ideas of western couple. That really make me feel a little sad ,of course, it also make me realize that, two individuals can’t be one, one cannot represent two person’s profit. It was a little strange and makes me feel lonely, that can be last forever ,actually everyone is isolated .that is the situation of the world now. and we don’t know  how to handle the problem, it seems like we can we know development means make the factory industry and pollution, but we still need development.

  And secondly ,about the foreign country and China. As we all know ,we Chinese always complain about the government ,and it really did work. And most of us also look forward to going abroad or getting a foreign ID card (change his or her nationality).But actually we can also know that the life of Chinese in foreign country can’t be easy. Maybe nowadays our country are stronger and get higher position in the world, but we still will be second-level citizens abroad . and we can also know that Chinese labors in USA in the early time ,maybe under every train trail, there will be a lot of Chinese corpses. AND JUST IN 1998 THE DISASTER IN INDONESIA. I think I cannot be more angry and from then now I will remember what the disgrace country did to our brothers and sisters. I began thinking about the Russian president Putin. Use violence to fight with violence?  it also remind me of many events of Chinese-American. Peace or war ? every war fight for peace. how about peace.  we can know that foreign country’s moon also is the same as in China.

The world is cold.

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-20 22:48
The picture is beautiful!
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-21 08:10
ColinSpeakman: The picture is beautiful!
Thank you! I like this type of painting .

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    looking forward to reading more posts.  Good luck my friend!

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