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Leon and me

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Leon, of course, is my boyfriend's name. We have met for nearly eight years and been through a lot. The first time we met is the first year of high school. He was so excellent, the second ranking in the standard examination, that was not enrolled in our high school until October. Imagine that a tall, handsome, excellent boy popping out in your class, could you prevent your heart from flipping. And I was so lucky that such coincidently he was arranged to sit behind me. So follows the rest of plots that a common story should be. But things always go against the will. Our little romance had been recognized my parents and teachers. Soon he was set to sit in another group and I had to give up to go on this romantic story.
It seems that we would produce nothing in the end, given that we were accepted into different colleges of different places. However, life is always full of miracles. Because of the driven of destiny, we began to contact each other again and the feeling I had before showed up again. Yet, he is going to pursue his master degree in China, while I am going to in America. It is really ridiculous, is not it? But we love each other, that matters. Also he has made the decision to apply for America universities to complish his degree.

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Reply Report hermioneleon 2014-5-28 11:19
Understood perfectly now. Thanks for your explaination. I should spend more time on reading more English.

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  • Leon and me 2014-5-28 11:19

    Understood perfectly now. Thanks for your explaination. I should spend more time on reading more English.

  • Leon and me 2014-5-27 10:39

    hermioneleon: I am lost, totally.
    In English we say: what a coincidence! Ironically to mean the opposite. So this is a way of recognizing that you are going to study in USA and now your BF is because of you! So of course it is not a coincidence! It is deliberate. I know sometimes irony makes English statements hard to follow? I hope you are a bit less lost now?  

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