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Say bye to my college(Days in dorm)

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In a couple of weeks, I will leave this university, where I have spent four years. Learned a lot of course, but I have got more-friends. Since being a ophomore, I lived in a four-persons room. The other three beatiful girls are respectively Lingling, Haoni and Yuanyuan. We have spent the most unforggetable times together. I am going to share some very funny segments of our daily life with u.
Lingling is a girl that always brings happiness to us. In another word, she was born with humor. One days, she bought a box of mulberry and sat in front of her laptop and enjoyed it. Suddenly, she said to me to turn over to look at her. I turned over my head as usual, thinking she would tell me some plots of the TV shows as she did as usual. But she spoke nothing but snicker. I was immediately scared by her black teeth and figured out that was the mulberry. She is the most beautiful in our dorm but at that time I thought anyone would be a hundred times as beautiful as she is.
During the second winter in college, Yuanyuan and I always took our thermoses to get hot water downstairs. One day, Yuanyuan and I was about to go downstairs. After fetching my thermoses from the balcony, I saw Yuanyuan standing at the door with a paper bag in her hand instead of thermos. I asked:"are we going to get hot water?" She replied:"yes.""Then what is it in your hand?" When she looked down, both of us laughed out. 
Also in the second year, the rest three of us played a huge prank on Haoni. At that time, she played very close with a boy, which made us think they would be in a relationship. At our college's annual sport game, Lingling took some photos of Haoni and the boy,but sperately,and psed them together just like the photo on a marrige certificate. More worse, we spreaded the photo over our school.
Above are some of our stories. Facing the deadline of leaving, I just want to write down some memories to reminscent the past four years. It is beautiful I must admit. Girls, you are in my heart. I will never forget you.

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Reply Report 财神 2014-5-4 19:09
   Removes bluntness from the intellect; infuses truth in speech; augments dignity; dispels sin; cheers up mind; spreads fame in all directions. what not does good friendship do for human beings!
Reply Report hermioneleon 2014-5-4 22:16
财神:    Removes bluntness from the intellect; infuses truth in speech; augments dignity; dispels sin; cheers up mind; spreads fame in all directions. w ...
Would u like to share your stories with me?
Reply Report austinong 2014-5-16 08:54
thank you for sharing :)
Reply Report tempax 2014-5-17 22:47
Enjoy the season of smile, tear, hug and waving hands....
The last time in the university will impress you and all of roomates, classmates....

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  • Leon and me 2014-5-28 11:19

    Understood perfectly now. Thanks for your explaination. I should spend more time on reading more English.

  • Leon and me 2014-5-27 10:39

    hermioneleon: I am lost, totally.
    In English we say: what a coincidence! Ironically to mean the opposite. So this is a way of recognizing that you are going to study in USA and now your BF is because of you! So of course it is not a coincidence! It is deliberate. I know sometimes irony makes English statements hard to follow? I hope you are a bit less lost now?  

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