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Share Time's stitch
2015-8-26 16:26
These days I have read the novel Time's Stitch writen by a Spanish writer. I am reallyabsorbed by the contentsofthe novel. The novel is main told about a female tailor's legendary life.Through the novel I foound that how important the professional skill one person should have.If you havethe special skill in some kind of jobs,you canbebreed you up and even makes you different.That is chance,opportunaty to make a wonderfulllife. I want to be a such per ...
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Share Melena
2014-6-10 01:16
Melena is a tragedy.She is innocent.Why she is a tragedy?Because humanity's ugly.People will sympathy the man who are weaker than you easily,but can't appreciate the man who are better than you.That is the human's ugly. By the endof the movie,all the women who once gave Melena a big blow finally forgive her.Why? It's not because of their kindness,it's because Melena is no more beautiful,so they feel better and they don't need to envy her as before. So sad~
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Share One servant of two masters
2014-6-8 23:57
I have watched all the TV series One Servant of Two Masters.All the persons in this TVare so special.I like Tang Hong,Yang Shu,Yang Shumiao ,Meng Laicai,Lili and Gu Jingjing,Peter. Tang Hong,the female boss,she is very generous to her friends.Even ifher friend is cheat her,but she never really hurt she/him.So kindness.Beside,she treat love is very seriously and insist on her choice.She can love a man and wait for him for more ten years,until she is 38 years old. ...
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Share Gone with the wind
2014-6-3 23:36
I heard the movie long ago,but have never seen it.Fortunately,my friend introduced this novel to me. So I bought the novel in Chinese edition and read it .Why am I read it earlier?I really love the manBai Ruide and the woman Scarlett.They all have the unique thoughts and they all quiet different from the common people.They are ture to themselves.They are brave,optimistic,out of the orditary,besides,they are also selfish,dissipated.All their characters can sum up in one world,that ...
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Share Affection
2014-5-20 22:51
Affection,as I sit beside you My longing for you grows As the moonlight reaches out Affection,as I stay beside you gazing at your smiling face And kissing your lips If love is a swing You are the point where I start Affection is yesterday's memory When you apologise I wish I 'd never heard it Affection is an antenna You can only see the eariliest images of you How canI go on without you How can I forget the prom ...
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Share Treat yourself well
2014-5-7 23:14
One of my best friends told me that you should remember treat yourself well! It's easy to say that but how and what is the right way to treat myself well? Is it to earn more money? to eat the best? to wear the famous brand? to livein a big house?Actually,I don'tknowthe answer. But now,I suddently find the answer.I think that the best way to treat yoursely well is to have a good attitude.How to have a good attitude?I't is easy to answer. First,you should be yours ...
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Share The Voice
2014-5-2 00:57
Every Saturday evening at half past ten,CCTV1 will air the program The Voice. Since first I watched it,I couldn't help myself to show greatest concern for it.Why am I like it so much? Because this program will give you power,especially when you are in alow-spirited or you are confused about your future. Actually,the program is a speech.Every week one famous person will sincerelly share their life experiences, the most influential thingsand from that, they will sum up ...
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Share The Pursuit of Happiness
2014-4-26 18:42
Chric,the main character in the film The Pursuit of Happiness,is a real man! He has lots of good parts that most people lost.All of his excellent characers,for example,optimistic,brave ,attract me much.Also ,I remember the words he said to his son deeply,that is :If you get a dream,go to pursuit it. Whatis my dream? Waht's your dream? I asked my friend andshe told me her dream is to live with her husband happily forever. So Whatis my dream? More that 10yea ...
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Share Cast Away
2014-4-24 01:24
I heard the movie Cast Awaylong ago.But till now I just looked at it.It's really wenderful!Excellent! And the main character ,Tom Hanks is so perfect. I hope I can remenber the sentences in the movie,that are, "I gotta keep breathing.Because tomorrow,the sun will rise.Who knows what the tide could bring."
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Share Rules Before A Divorce
2014-4-22 23:00
The TV series Rules Before A Divorce is so moved. The series is mean about three 80s couples experience theirlove stories and finally all of them matured. I am more like the main female 2 characters,Zhang Xiaofan and Jiang Xinyao,they all have no opinions .So their lifes are controled by other people,parents,friends.Because of their shortcomings,life gave them a big blow!But finally they all matured. Is that for a man must experience sth that he can realize his shortcomi ...
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  • Gone with the wind 2014-6-5 12:35

    财神: everyone have something special inside. that's the truth. i have never watched but interested after your book criticism.   

  • Gone with the wind 2014-6-5 12:34

    jackhope: Bai Ruide is from Chinese Editon.Rhett Butler is the original.
    The following paragraph is from internet.It may be helpful.The novel is Southern planta ...
    Thanks for your comments.Yes ,you are right.The novel's background is happended around American Civil War.The main clue is between Rhett Butler and Scarlett. The two is not contradict.

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