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Share Time's stitch
山点水 2015-8-26 16:26
These days I have read the novel Time's Stitch writen by a Spanish writer. I am reallyabsorbed by the contentsofthe novel. The novel is main told about a female tailor's legendary life.Through the novel I foound that how important the professional skill one person should have.If you havethe special skill in some kind of jobs,you canbebreed you up and even makes you different.That is chance,opportunaty to make a wonderfulllife. I want to be a such per ...
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Share Gone with the wind
山点水 2014-6-3 23:36
I heard the movie long ago,but have never seen it.Fortunately,my friend introduced this novel to me. So I bought the novel in Chinese edition and read it .Why am I read it earlier?I really love the manBai Ruide and the woman Scarlett.They all have the unique thoughts and they all quiet different from the common people.They are ture to themselves.They are brave,optimistic,out of the orditary,besides,they are also selfish,dissipated.All their characters can sum up in one world,that ...
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