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Share Melena
山点水 2014-6-10 01:16
Melena is a tragedy.She is innocent.Why she is a tragedy?Because humanity's ugly.People will sympathy the man who are weaker than you easily,but can't appreciate the man who are better than you.That is the human's ugly. By the endof the movie,all the women who once gave Melena a big blow finally forgive her.Why? It's not because of their kindness,it's because Melena is no more beautiful,so they feel better and they don't need to envy her as before. So sad~
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Share The Pursuit of Happiness
山点水 2014-4-26 18:42
Chric,the main character in the film The Pursuit of Happiness,is a real man! He has lots of good parts that most people lost.All of his excellent characers,for example,optimistic,brave ,attract me much.Also ,I remember the words he said to his son deeply,that is :If you get a dream,go to pursuit it. Whatis my dream? Waht's your dream? I asked my friend andshe told me her dream is to live with her husband happily forever. So Whatis my dream? More that 10yea ...
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Share Cast Away
山点水 2014-4-24 01:24
I heard the movie Cast Awaylong ago.But till now I just looked at it.It's really wenderful!Excellent! And the main character ,Tom Hanks is so perfect. I hope I can remenber the sentences in the movie,that are, "I gotta keep breathing.Because tomorrow,the sun will rise.Who knows what the tide could bring."
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