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Stick ·Share rural bachelor crisis rooted in poverty
2016-3-9 08:36
When it comes to leftover men crisis in China, people generally think of around unmarried men in urban areas, who have well-paid jobs but are picky in choosing their matches. In cities, leftover men are no big deal if they can lower their marriage criterion to some degree. However, in rural places, the bachelor crisis is worrisome: the reason rural men stay single is not because they feel loath to get married, but because they have to be bachelors. When rural areas accumulate a ...
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Share Bachelor’s Degree: No Barrier to Accessing Public Rental Houses
2016-7-4 11:45
As the central and local governments in recent years have invested scores of billions in building public rental houses, a lot of middle-and-low incomed people’s living conditions have been improved. However, because of unfair allocation of public rental houses in some cities, still many people can’t move into public rental houses. On June 23 rd , Dahe Daily reported that a city government of Henan province in Central China two years ago issued an official document stip ...
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Share Telecom Operators Should Cut Prices Sincerely
2016-6-7 00:40
This May, China’s three major telecom operators, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, respectively disclosed their annual results of implementing the State-Council-urged initiatives of lowering telecom service prices and racketing up telecommunication speed. Their latest data released show that their net income in 2015 has decreased by 40 billion yuan, and prices for mobile traffic and broadband network usage have shrunk by 30 percent. Three operators exclaimed that ...
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Share Addressing school bullying should go with education reform
2016-5-19 21:42
Recently,China’s educational authority issued a special circular to curb school bullying, stipulating that primary and middle schools as well as secondary vocational schools nationwide must launch effective campaigns to eradicate campus violences like physical hurt, verbal attack and web defamation inflicted on students by their peers. The circular also rules that schools are obliged to improve policies in preventing and tackling bullying, establishing an operating ho ...
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Share Support to print warning signs on cigarette packs
2016-4-5 10:19
Support to print warning signs on cigarette packs
I n response to public appeals of printing warning signs like blackened teeth and lungs and skeletons on cigarettes packs, one top official from China Tobacco Monopoly Administration, said during the Two Sessions that printing these signs does not fit in with China’s traditional culture, and there is no such plan to be introduced for the time being. Repudiating the idea of printing warning signs on cigarettes packs with cultural concerns is not a refreshing rhetoric by toba ...
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Share Massive layoffs won't reoccur in China
2016-3-22 21:03
Massive layoffs won't reoccur in China
As many state-owned companies are afflicted with debt accumulation and production overcapacity, the supply side reform has been introduced to revitalise state-owned companies. However, supply side reform means cutting old-fashioned jobs and eliminating outdated productions, which has revived the painful scourge brought to millions of unemployed people during the first wave of massive layoffs in the 1990s. Concerns about the arrival of the second wave of mas ...
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Share Panic home buying reveals the failure of general home policy
2016-3-16 22:54
Panic home buying reveals the failure of general home policy
After the Spring Festival, many first and second tier cities have demonstrated a spree of panic house buying, too abnormal to do any good to the healthy development of the home industry. According to Beijing Morning Post, new homes in a Hangzhou living community were sold out two hours after they were opened for sales, 352 luxurious villas at least costing 10 million yuan each in Shanghai were snapped up within one day, and frenetic home buyers in Shenzhen and Nanjing were queuing up o ...
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Share Some local governments are to be blamed for wage arrear
2016-3-15 15:12
To curb wage arrears phenomenon, the central government since 2003 has issued dozens of measures by both holding companies defaulting wages maliciously accountable and establishing law aid mechanism to facilitate migrant workers to get back their wages, and the legislative authority in 2011 had added the charge of maliciously defaulting wages in the criminal law to severely punish violators. Wage arrears remain a critical issue in recent years, though, especially i ...
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Share Will Apple Pay Be a Game Changer?
2016-3-7 17:10
On Feb. 18, Apple launched its mobile payment platform Apple Pay in China after US, UK, Australia and Canada. On debut day, over 38 million Chinese iPhone users registered the tool, and nearly 80,000 bank cards were bound to Apple Pay per minute. Many people rushed to experience Apple Pay’s idiot-proof functions, shown by a video going viral online that users can scan bank cards and type into verification code to easily bind their cards and they only ...
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Share A learning curve for Internet charity drive
2016-2-15 15:33
AS China enters the “Internet Plus” era, Internet platforms like WeChat and Weibo have increasingly become new channels for charity organizations and individuals to solicit contributions. With these platforms, soliciting philanthropic funds is easier than ever because people can donate with a tap or a click. However, because most donors don’t check the authenticity of requests for help and the philanthropy law loosely stipulates the qualifications of individuals’ online solicitatio ...
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