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Last day of June 2014-06-30
I had so much planned for at the beginning of this month and now I have to face the fact that I still have so many tasks unfinished. I really nee ...
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How hot does it get in your city? 2014-06-30
I live in Fuzhou, a city that gets really hot in summer.   How hot can it get? Well, you can forget about doing excercise or sports to lo ...
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Another class graduated 2014-06-28
Earlier tonight I joined my students in a graduation dinner. They are Class 2014. Saying goodbye to another class makes me realize that ano ...
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One week in Beijing 2014-06-26
I came back To Fuzhou yesterday evening after staying for a week in Beijing. Last time I traveled to BJ was four years ago for visa applica ...
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On Procrastination 2014-05-28
Time to face it. I am not good at time management and I procrastinate way too much! I keep pushing aside things that I really need to get down ...
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The familiar taste that you grow up with 2014-05-25
The Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner. These days when I go to the supermarket I see Zongzi, the sticky rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo le ...
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teamkrejados 2014-4-24 15:24:43
Shirleylianglie : Or maybe it is not lost? I saw this pop--up when I hit "reply", but it didn't last long enough for me to read what it said. I am new here. D ... Yes, dear. It seems everything on this site has a delay on its way to posting. I did get your long response and thank you for it. While I agree that translation software has come a long way, we have to admit that, no matter what that software spits out, a human makes the selection, and the decision to publish. I am so ... ...
teamkrejados 2014-4-24 09:57:18
Dear Shirley; I get the impression that I may have upset you when I said Chinglish is mostly created by young college graduates. If so, I am so sorry. Please let me explain. I agree that people do not want to spend money when there is translation software available. However, even if an employee translates using google or baidu, s/he must still be aware of what the translation outcome is. Your comment really disturbed me because I only want to tell the truth in my blog. So, I asked google, bai ... ...
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