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Share Be Smart Be Knowledgeable
2014-4-15 09:35
Knowledge is power and it is wise to invest in yourself to acquire and apply the essential knowledge to get ahead and live a happy and meaningful life. What are the things that you should master and be knowledgeable? Just pick one item that matters to you the most from the following list: • Know more about keeping healthy and fit : It is ignorance that leads to ill health. Read widely and learn more about total fitness. Find out more about a balanced diet and what a good ...
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Share 7 Soul-Searching Questions to Ask Yourself
2014-4-14 09:26
Living with life is a balancing act, you need to manage yourself, look after the family, get along well with others and face reality all at the same time. The following questions will search your heart so that you are aware of the things that you have done well and some of the things that are missing in your life. 1. Have I taken care of my health and well-being? Are you spending your leisure time drinking at the pub instead following an exercise program to keep fit and be ...
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Share 10 Positive Words to Motivate You (Part 1)
2014-4-13 10:02
Here are ten simple and yet powerful words to provide the spark and keep the fire in you burning: Action : You have learnt a lot. You know what to do, but you have not taken the first step. Your first step is the starting point to realize your dreams and goals. Do it now. Don’t wait for the right time. There will never be a better time. Now is the time to do what is right. Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer ...
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Share 12 Tips to Take Care of Your Digestive System
2014-4-12 20:52
A healthy body needs to be nourished by nutrients. A healthy digestive system will digest and absorb nutrients effectively.How do you take care of your digestive system? Here are the top tips: 1. Have each meal at the same time : Have each meal more or less at a fixed time; your digestive system will follow the timing to receive food and burn up calories. Do not eat more than enough and do not get yourself under hunger pangs. 2. Chew your food : Sit down and eat slo ...
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Share 7 Psychological Needs of Children
2014-4-11 17:09
A healthy growth of your child needs to be satisfied with certain psychological needs. To understand and promote the growth of your child you need to understand his psychological needs: Attention: You need to pay attention to your child. As a child he likes to attract the attention of his parents. When you ignore him he will behave negatively to attract your attention. Always be attentive to your child. Acceptance: A child is happy when he is accepted by ...
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Share 7 Powerful Words that Determine You Are Truly Happy
2014-4-10 17:16
If you want to envision a happy person’s stance, imagine one foot rooted in the present with mindful appreciation of what one has – and another foot reaching toward the future for yet-to-be-uncovered sources of meaning. -Kashdan Biswas-Diener You will know how happy you are just by asking yourself how many of the following words are in your personal dictionary. These 7 words will inspire you to live a meaningful and rewarding life. You know life is full of ups an ...
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Share MH370
2014-4-9 11:57
Where is the plane? We were told it had come to an end In the Indian Ocean at the deepest end Friends and relatives are in pain Planes and ships are searching for the plane Our hope for the loved ones to return will never end Let's pray with our heart and soul without end Amen! Source: by Charles Chua C K at
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