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2015-10-7 17:01
nbsp; I ,underwent various of handicap of “Kao yan” ,casually exist in aspirational university as a postgraduate.Thumbing abundant literature in library ,concentrating on class,plus doing workouts are the occurence that I complete every day.divnbsp; However ,a reversed thought occured my head since I read the book 单纯与幼稚,“Is this the wellbeing that I feverishly exerted myself to pursue?As the author queried I,nowadays, can not identify the happiness fulled with misery was happy or ...
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Share No One
2015-7-15 08:24
No One
No one know my misery ,, No one learn my picture,,,,,, No one could save me solely myself,,,,,,,,,,,, No one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,No one understand my despair,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, No one ,,,,,,,, I can not say anything,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Share What should I do to curb my mouth
2015-2-5 16:24
I have beyound normal weight 5KG as i sit in classroom whole year last year.Thus i persist to do several workouts to grip my fat. But i do not know why i can not controll my mouth to eat multiple food even though i really do not feel hungry, what should i do?
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Share What I Generalized from My Experience of Life
2015-1-10 16:34
It is necessary , as a younger adult we are supposed to hold an ambition of realizing our dream by our endless endeavors. I , like the general puils, aspire to alter my humble destiny of from a disadvantage family by knowledge.Thus i force mytself to feverishly pursue excessive learninf to surpass my peers, neglecting my friends ,dismissing my health ,constraining my leisure,say, do not watch TV , movies , do not play games, do not interact with my friends, and the sole optio ...
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Share What I summarized from Marxism [2]
2014-9-23 15:11
Insomina ,from dawn of which I determined to attend GET to now, have been served as a nasty issue bothered me every seems impact my normal life and studying, so I go to see a doctor just now.However, I did not prchase some of the msdine due to reasons of variety. Uniform and confrontion of contradition of Marxism occured my head as I walked out the clinic. Insomina is the contradition carrying the stimuli promoting subjectconstantly development , thus the insomina may ...
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Share What I summarized from Marxism
2014-9-19 15:02
What I summarized from Marxism
Poltic and English serve basic decipline as for GET( graduate record test),what is the most obsecure and ambigous in politic is basic theory of Marxism ,contributing nasty misery to me, so I roughly sumrize it with my low-level understand to boost my writing and strengthen my memory of it. Materialism, dialectics plusepistemology underline a relatively confused and vague Maxism, within it, epistemology classed a five star point by our specific instructor tend to be ...
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Share Constructing Silk Road of Overseas in 21th Century
2014-9-17 13:51
A relatively traditional and civil bridge, connecting Asia, Europe plus Africa to condut trade and communication in culture, The silk road witnessed a range of interaction among China and adjoining countries in sphere of the economic and culture ,conveyed friendship of our nation to them. Subjecting the pace of advance in history , our wisdom president Xisubmits " SilkRoad of overseas in 21th century"a overwhelmingly significant and intimate road, tieing adjoining neigh ...
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Share Suppressing "Four Ethos " to serve public
2014-9-1 14:25
By 18th CPC National Congress, it is dramatic that present Xi intensively emphasized strict penalty to those officialism, hedonism,formalism,corruption.He noted that " hitting four ethos is neither a surface process, or a rush, we must conduct it peresistently, comprehensively, and entirely. Thus, you may find relevanted stories ,such as, extellent models for preaching service for public, or notorious casesas negative alerts to warn public servants,populated the C ...
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Share The happy time of my daytime
2014-8-27 13:18
Running tends to serve as a regulator to regulate my tense and dull existence to preparation of GET, morderating my trouble of insomina. Futhermore, i obtain opsitive powers ,eliminating negative powers. Above all, it sharpens my low emotion . Usually, reluctant and seldom reactions with others, iam entirely addicted to my word ,somtimes i have to guess i have a little depression . So i , to enhance this status, start running ,which is my favorite and mrerly do well . & ...
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Share honeysun, happy birthday to you
2014-8-11 06:33
honeysun, happy birthday to you
Yes, today is my birthday the 16th day of July of the lunar calender.An "expert" observed :" You are a lucky kid , as you choose the birthday undergone the traditionalGhost‘s Day(鬼节) the 15th day of July of the lunar calender ,combining with your appearence ,you will be a promising child ." Happy family , several intimate buddy, friendly instructors underlie my great fortune, suggesting his words is literallycorrect, even i have insufficant money. ...
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