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What I Generalized from My Experience of Life

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  It is necessary , as a younger adult we are supposed to hold an ambition of realizing our dream by our endless endeavors. I , like the general puils, aspire to alter my humble destiny of from a disadvantage family by knowledge.Thus  i force mytself to feverishly pursue excessive learninf to surpass my peers, neglecting my friends ,dismissing my health ,constraining my leisure,say, do not watch  TV , movies , do not play games, do not interact with my friends, and the sole option for me solely tend to be that go to libraryto thumb uo collection .My roommer played a joke to me " You are the character who own the existence which is so un-associated to life."  I , in the first , ignored her words, persisting my option with undesirable attitude
that i have to justify my capacity , possessing envied life,becoming the most haapy member of our class.
  Thus  I choose to sit for GRE to enroll into top university as i junior student ( 专科生). It , however, is dramanticly diffcult for me to acquire the admission form the top university as my low degree, but i still adhere my target for my dream, vanity .thus i suffered an arange of disease in last year as i neglected my health.
  Untill last night, the stomache plagued me that  i can not sleep from 0:00am to 7:00am, i have to consider my life . i tend to lose several important aspects of life, what is the most rosy, abundant , meaningful life? how to undergone my passing life?
  You, as a younger adult, 4are not supposed to seek to surpass those who lived surround of you as there are too surplus elites to beyond, or you will possess an extraordinarily burdensome existence, losing an overall meaninbgful life...........

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Reply Report Swifty55 2017-8-19 02:03
Young lady I think you will reach your goals because your heart for learning exceeds 90% of the students I have seen on China
Reply Report honeysun 2017-8-19 08:29
Swifty55: Young lady I think you will reach your goals because your heart for learning exceeds 90% of the students I have seen on China
yes , i am  eating apples at the lab of my ideal university as a postgraduate
Reply Report Swifty55 2017-8-19 10:33

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