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Share pandas are so cute
yao1995 2014-5-4 22:44
have you seen a panda ? do you like the pandas? i went to Chengdu 3 days ago,and i saw my favorite animal ---pandas. they are nice in my mind ,however they are a little dirty. the pandas become superstars,becouse there are so many people holding their camares to take photos for the pandas. they are a little yellow ,may ...
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Share crazy man and genius
yao1995 2014-4-26 23:48
i am going to talk about two kinds of persons.many people think that crazy man and genius are absolutely different.however i think a crazy man is a genius in some way.and genius must be very crazy . do you know jack ma?His Chinese name is Ma Yun. as we all know, he is a great and successful man. i admire his courage and talent.the most important is that he has changed the way Chinese buy goods. a lot of people did not believe him when he came up with that idea ...
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Share i fall in love with my computer teacher
yao1995 2014-4-25 13:58
I do not know why i fall in love with him. I did not like having a computer class,but when i get to know him i become interested in studying computer.I miss him very day.But i canonly put the love in my heart.He is a husband also father.And he is happy now.I do not know the reason why ilovemature man.Maybehe is humours,and he is handsome. He is in my heart,but i must try to forget him ...
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