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i fall in love with my computer teacher

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     I do not know why i fall in love with him. I did not like having a computer class,but when i get to know him i become interested in studying computer.I   miss him very day.But i can only put the love in my heart.He is a husband also  father.And he is happy now.I do not know the reason why i love mature man.Maybe he is humours  ,and he is handsome.
     He is in my heart,but i must try to forget him.He is man that has a good figure.I like it when he smiles.
     If he was a young boy and unattached,i would try my best to let him fall in love with me.But now i can do nothing besides forgetting him.
    He is very easy-going,and he is always kind to all of us. He is 18 years old than me,but i love him.I know i should not bother him,i know i can study very hard becouse of him.

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Reply Report 财神 2014-4-27 20:46
i discovered one idea,you should fall in love with computer not with computer teacher.       
Reply Report yao1995 2014-4-28 12:35
futsanglung: then forget it and concentrate on your studies
Reply Report yao1995 2014-4-28 12:35
财神: i discovered one idea,you should fall in love with computer not with computer teacher.            
you are really smart.
Reply Report claudeckenni 2014-5-1 08:26
yao1995: ok.thank you .i just admire him.
You will you true love one day, I'm sure about it. And when you found the person who were meant to be for you, it will feels amazing =)

I know, because I have found "her"

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